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Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

by SweetMidlife
Us, Some years ago.

Us, Some years ago.

Howdy! Lynne here.

As you know, this blog is written by a pair of twin sisters: Leslie, who lives in Florida, and Lynne, who lives in Maryland. The idea was that we would trade off in writing duties,so you could get to know us both through what we post. We are a lot alike in MANY things, but also have unique styles in writing and also in how we see other things, being different people and all. What has happened in reality, though, is that we haven’t always been consistent in writing all the time, and that you have seen glimpses of who we are as we tell the stories of us, but we don’t know if you really know us as well as you could and stuff. You seem to like us when we actually DO write, and you have reached out to us in good times and in really awful ones, as you did when Leslie lost her husband this summer. Really. You guys have been amazing.

So, we will continue to write from our own experiences: me as a wife and mom who is mostly at home but also starting her own business; Leslie as a now-single woman who has a full-time job, is raising a toddler, and is also now sharing those duties with our Mom. Yes, my mom is either Uncle Jesse or Uncle Joey. And Leslie is Bob Saget.


We also want you to see more of who we are together, because this is why we wrote this blog in the first place, because this is how we live. We are each other’s starting points. So, we will be posting, hopefully once a week, side by side videos of the two of us talking and whatnot. We hope it’s funny. We hope it’s insightful. We hope we can figure it out, because as you see from a video we shot last week when we were both in the same place (my kitchen), we ain’t tech-savvy.

So we hope to see you soon! And for you to see us. We would like that.

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