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Your Weekly Dose of Twin Realness

by SweetMidlife

Hi!! Happy Tuesday from Streeter/Childress Studios, which is, in fact my kitchen in Maryland, and also Leslie’s house in Florida.

Random picture of fruit from my kitchen.

Random picture of fruit from my kitchen.

Below is the latest in our attempt to bring you the Lynne and Leslie Experience by way of video. We are getting the hang of it. I think. Come with us as we discuss why we would be bad contestants on “Survivor”, be injured on “The Amazing Race”, and why a toddler version of those things would be a money-maker.

Have you ever wanted to be on a reality show? Which one is your dream? And WAIT, have you ever BEEN on a reality show? Tell us so we can live vicariously through you.

3 Responses to “Your Weekly Dose of Twin Realness”

  1. m.charney@verizon.net' Mark says:

    I love the random fruit. I’m not sure if you addressed the my main question about Survivor. How does it survive?

  2. tena_the_queena@yahoo.com' Tena Jackson says:

    Thaeda and I have always said we would SUCK on the Amazing Race and Survivor. Roughing it to me means no room service. And The Amazing Race doesn’t allow fluffy people on their show, so no way, José. Wife Swap? Nope. I’m too obsessive-compulsive about my routines. I wouldn’t last til dinner time. The Apprentice? I would SO get arrested for slapping Mr. Trump across his trash-talking, immigrant-bashing mouth. Same goes with the Property Brothers. I would quickly be incarcerated for sexually assaulting both of them, no apologies, no remorse, YOLO. No cooking competitions because I hate working under pressure and would try to sabotage the other contestants. AND when I cook and it’s going crappy, I tend to curse a lot.

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