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Your thing of the day: A rock monkey dressed like Gadaffi

by SweetMidlife

Don’t ask why. Just enjoy.

I just got around to watching hair metal movie opus “Rock of Ages” on HBO while doing my Tae-Bo Boot Camp in my living room this morning, because I figured sweating to Poison and Def Leppard went well with Billy Blanks screaming at me for being fat (He didn’t say that, but it was implied.)

You probably haven’t seen “Rock of Ages” either, because apparently NO ONE did in the theater, and now that I’ve seen it on cable, I’m glad it just cost me the pennies it takes out of my cable bill. It’s crazy to me that a movie can suck, with all that hairspray, gleefully cheesy tunes and a ridiculously chiseled Tom Cruise in buttless chaps drinking bourbon in a fur coat that would make a Russian mob wife cry.

I think it’s that the movie took itself too seriously – it’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” people. Get over yourself.

The other thing is that most of us weren’t aware that the best actor in the thing, besides Cruise, was Mickey the baboon, who plays Hey Man, the personal monkey assistant/enforcer/sidekick of Cruise’s stoned-out rocker Stacee Jaxx. Apparently, Cruise thought Jaxx needed a monkey. I can’t argue with that.

But by the end of the movie, Hey Man has proven that we ALL need a monkey, particularly a monkey dressed like Gen. Muammar Gadaffi. I cannot tell you why this is happening, other than it occurs in a scene where Jaxx has come back to the club where he started to claim his proper place in rock, like a conqueror. So of course his monkey has to be dressed like he’s taking no guff…like a Libyan dictator.

Don’t think too much. Just enjoy.

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  1. renewbie85@yahoo.com' Jill says:

    Umm, wow…

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