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You Take The Good, You Take The Bad, You Take Them All and There You Have An Authentic Life

by SweetMidlife

Hi! It’s Lynne. Happy Friday.

So, Leslie and I have written lately about why we haven’t written a lot lately, and mostly it’s because we’ve both had a lot of things going on, what with work and adoptions of awesome little boys being final (Leslie) and working on a new theater and recovering from surgery (me). But we are back now, blogging more often, we hope.



I have to admit though, that work and surgery weren’t the only things keeping me from posting here. This summer has been a particularly awful time here in these United States when it comes to peace, especially among racial lines, with cases of police officers killing unarmed civilians, and people killing officers who were just doing their jobs, and this torrent of nasty on the airwaves and on social media, and people feeling like it’s okay not just to say any hateful thing that they want, but the awful realization that people were actually FEELING the things they were saying. Which is worse. And all of this had me, as an American, a black woman, the wife of a black husband and mother of a black son, and a human, feel a million things, and me, as a writer, wanted to talk about them.

And this was the challenge. My Facebook page and this blog have been places for me to share  my thoughts on everything, from my faith, to the goofy thing my kid did, to the goofy thing I did, to my feelings and thoughts on race. And I know that there are people who read my kid stuff who would rather not read my writings about faith, and that there are people who think that with everything that is going on, there is no time to write about what I ate last night. I have been feeling all of that, but have felt moved to write about the things that I see as unjust, as they affect me and my family, and I hope that my eyes are opened to the pains that others feel about things that might not touch my life the same way. And with all of that, I have still posted about my continued love of cheese, but also how my binge-watching of all 12 seasons of “Murder, She Wrote” has now led me to extended Netflix-viewings of “Royal Pains”, and my new favorite old thing, “Columbo”, because Peter Falk was Every. Daggone. Thing.

And all of that is okay. Because I am all of these things. I am a person who feels strongly about the way things are in the world, and I also like to talk about what I watched on TV. And I have decided that my Facebook page, and this blog, are places that I am going to use my voice to talk about all of that stuff, because all of that stuff is me, and I hope it leads to some good conversations. If any of the talk of unpleasant stuff makes you feel uncomfortable, I hope that you can stick around long enough to really hear me (and Leslie, because she has a lot to say too). And if you think that the TV talk and odes to my son’s preschool moods is not saying enough about what’s going on in the country, I will tell you that it’s what is going on in my house. All of these things, the good, the bad, the unpleasant, and the delicious, are all a part of life. And darn it, I am going to talk about all of them. This is not an admonition for anyone else to write about things that they don’t want to, and I have to fight the urge to want everybody to value what I value. I want us to all value each other’s lives and truths. But at the end of the day, I am only accountable for what I represent, and me, Lynne, chooses to represent all of those sides of me. I am giving myself permission to do that, in the most respectful yet truest way I can.

Thanks for reading. Rock on.

8 Responses to “You Take The Good, You Take The Bad, You Take Them All and There You Have An Authentic Life”

  1. emajones97@hotmail.com' Emily says:

    I love that you share your life. I think it’s important for people to share, it forces us to feel something and let’s us know we are not alone. I love reading about your life stuff -all of it. The good, the bad, and the ugly! Thank you.
    Emily recently posted…4 Words: Will You Forgive Me?My Profile

  2. Blakefarmgirl@gmail.com' Maria says:

    Love you!!

  3. And really, what else can you do? Every thought and opinion about everything can’t (1) go on your blog or (2) be loved by everyone. I love your points.
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…7 Quick Takes about 10-Year-Olds Who Could Beat Me Up, Getting Interrogated at the Airport, and What It Means to Be LuckyMy Profile

  4. lbp@lifebreathpresent.com' Kendall says:

    I find that when I don’t talk about something that I feel needs to be discussed, if only for my sanity, then I’m less motivated to talk or write at all. I recognize that I’m stifling myself when I do things like that. Sometimes I use my own site/blog to do that, other times I submit elsewhere because I have to get it out. So, here’s some exterior encouragement to discuss what YOU want to discuss and when! 🙂
    Kendall recently posted…Vulnerability, Invincibility, and Driving by CemeteriesMy Profile

  5. It’s great to connect with you both here.
    I find your writing quite honest and sincere.
    It’s important you share what God Alyson your heart. Everything whether in your personal life about life in general or kids stuff would have a way of connecting personally with someone who is probably Street struggling in that area
    Much love to you both

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