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You Need That: Car Tweezers

by SweetMidlife


Lynne here. And this thing right here ain’t pretty. But it’s real.

You ever been in your car driving to somewhere that you have to look presentable*, and you touch your face and you feel something? You try to wipe it off, but it’s still there because it’s attached to your face. You have? Me too.

It’s chin hair.

And it’s gross unless you are okay with that. It’s one of those things that have become a part of life in my 40’s and if I’m not checking for them regularly, those things sneak up on a sister. Sometimes I flip down my car mirror when I get to a light and there it is, in all of it’s nasty glory.

So what to do? I have actually gone to the store before a meeting to buy emergency tweezers, and have taken care of things in my car. But then those tweezers have gotten shoved in my purse, and lost among receipts and sunglasses, and then I can never find them. So after I bought another pair of on-the-way-to-somewhere-tweezers en route to a social thing that the company that my husband works for was having this past weekend, I decided that there had to be a way to not be in this situation anymore. Well, there is always taking the time to look at my chin before I leave. But whatever. This works too.

Napkins? Check. Car Maintenance records? Check? Tweezers for stray face hair? GOT IT.

Napkins? Check. Car Maintenance records? Yes. Tweezers for stray face hair? GOT IT.

Car tweezers. Yes. It’s a thing. Maybe it was already a thing for you. But it is for me now, too. And I have to say, I feel a little giddy about it. Isn’t it funny how what you are thrilled about evolves? Yesterday it was maybe something about shoes. Today it’s about chin hair. I’m prepared, and I feel good about it.

What about you guys? Have you ever found a hair on the way to something where people were going to be up in your face? Have you ever bought emergency tweezers? What other handy things do you keep around?

*Now really you should always look presentable when you go out, but sometimes you need to return that Redbox movie before 9 pm so you don’t get charged again so short-shorts it is. You now what I’m saying.

5 Responses to “You Need That: Car Tweezers”

  1. Cajoy20@gmail.com' Carolyn Bowman Brown says:

    Don’t forget the car hand mirror! Depending on your near/distance eyesight, you may not be able to comfortably use the car mirrors.

  2. Thank you! I knew I wasn’t crazy! I have said I needed (but never actually got around to having) a car tweezers. The natural light when you take a look at yourself in the car mirror always shows little eyebrow hairs that I couldn’t see in our crappy bathroom lighting. And then I forget about them by the time I go back inside.
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  3. mshego@verizon.net' Marci says:

    Not only do I keep tweezers in my car, I also stash deoderant, scissors, nailclippers and other supplies in the glove compartment… always there when I need it!
    Someone needs to market a little “car kit” for women!

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