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What To Wear: Styling, short skirts and losing 20 pounds in 5 minutes

by SweetMidlife

black skirt

This is Leslie, and I’m still looking for things to wear while losing weight, because staying inside or wearing yoga pants everywhere is not an option, nor is it pretty. A couple of days ago I wrote about my experiments with Gwynnie Bee and Stitch Fix, and how I was hoping to get tips on how to dress the body I currently have, even if I don’t keep the clothes.

The next day I got an email from one Christi Zumft Knight, a Facebook friend and the proprietor of Runway Consignment Boutique, a cozy little West Palm Beach shop. She’s been reading our various shopping and body image posts (SOMEBODY READS THIS BLOG!) and offered to let me come over to the shop and peruse their $10 rack while giving me some styling advice.

Even though I was initially hesitant because a lot of consignment stores have a limited amount of clothes larger than a 10, the offering of styling was intriguing, because it’s somewhere between having things selected by people who know me merely from my size and style profile, like the Stitch Fix folks, and friends and family. My usual go-to stylist is my friend Brittney, who showcases tough love, like the time she talked me into the completely rad gold sequined sweater top I wore to my “The Voice” audition (“Leslie, just try on the top. Seriously. Shut up. Try it on.”) In her absence, Christi’s offer was too good to pass up.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but here’s the  basic take-home: Being able to try on clothes in a non-pressure situation, with someone who kind of knows me and my style (Vaguely executive boho) but knows the tenets of style better, has experience dressing many types of bodies, and just wants to make people look better. She’d pulled some things for me, and I tried on those, along with stuff I pulled from the aforementioned $10 rack, and we mixed and matched until I had a good selection of staples and a few “wow” pieces. Here’s some examples:

1) NOT CLOSE AND NO CIGAR: We started with this pretty gold sweater that I chose, pulling it down way too far over my skirt (the one I wore in) and making me look like a sister wife on Vegas night. Too billowy, too matronly, too no. We move on.

gold sister wife

2) ANCHORS NO-WAY: I enjoy a fun print, and thought that a cute spangly sweater might work. Not this particular one, whose anchor appears to be pointing towards my pooch. My pooch doesn’t need a billboard, thanks.

anchors no way

3) HOT HOT HOT: The first hit was all at once, the most amazing sexy short black skirt and that booby awesome top (See top photo). Christi took one look and said “You have a completely different figure than you did when you walked in here,” which is to say that I came in wearing this big voluminous top that my sister wants me to burn, one that made my look The Huge. The difference made is that this skirt fits me. It is in a size I do not wish to be, but because it fits, it makes me looks skinnier. Isn’t that crazy?

4) DON’T BE AFRAID OF WHITE JEANS: I have never owned white jeans, because they scare me, because I didn’t think I had the butt for them, and because they attract messes. But Christi made me try them on. And she was right. Awesomeness.

white jeans

5) JOIN THE CARAVAN OF LOVE: My wedding had a Palm Beach theme, in which the guys, including my father, wore billowy shirts that reminded me of the Isley Brothers’ “Caravan of Love” video. I may have sung that as my dad  and I walked down the aisle, which I thought was hilarious, because I’m 12. Anyway, this is my homage to that moment. He’s in Heaven going “So who looks like that video now?” Fine. I love it.

caravan of love

6) PRETTY IN PINK…ISN’T SHE?: This might be my favorite, which shouldn’t be surprising as a lifelong pink fan, but is if you consider that in my more zaftig state I usually prefer something be black. But these pieces are slimming, pretty and very Florida. I love.

pink duo

7) LYNNIE SMITH BLACK MAMBAZO: This gorgeous purple dress looked great but it seemed more perfect for someone else. Someone with whom I share a blog and DNA. Enjoy, Boho Lynne.


The ultimate take-home here is that it’s always great to have another set of eyes in the styling game, and to go down a rabbit hole that might be unfamiliar. It’s not gonna kill you to try something new.








6 Responses to “What To Wear: Styling, short skirts and losing 20 pounds in 5 minutes”

  1. sam@madebysam.com' Brother Sam says:

    The take away is try everything, ’cause you never do know. Also, almost everything you read in almost every magazine about dressing appropriately is balderdash. View the “rules” about clothes as suggestions, try on everything that even vaguely appeals to you, and see what happens.
    It IS nice to have fresh eyes, especially eyes belonging to someone who will firmly and lovingly keep you tethered to reality. I look forward to being your Skype stylist (Skylist?) again some time! 😉

  2. imthemomsters@gmail.com' Lindsay says:

    I LOVE outfits #4 and #6

  3. Congrats on your weight loss success! Some of these outfits look great in the meantime, and you’re right about trying new things.

    • lesliegraystreeter@gmail.com' Leslie says:

      Thanks! I have never before been at this weight, or at a place where most things just straight up didn’t fit, or where it took me so long to lose the weight that I had to buy new clothes. So I HAD to buy some cute clothes – I can alter some of it as I get smaller – because why not be cute?

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