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What to Say?

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here.

Everything that I wanted to write today seems insignificant after the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday. I feel like I should say something but I don’t know what. Does giving a quick word on the situation not do enough to recognize the lives lost? Does trying to find the positives lessen the impact of what real people are experiencing right this minute? Does watching every report about what happened or clicking on every story or reading every comment on CNN help? I guess it’s different for everyone. People cope differently. Deal with this landscape of the unknown differently. Deal with the fact that we just don’t know. It’s paralyzing.

But I know this. People who deal in terror, no matter their nationality or race or age, act to scare people. They maim, and they kill, but they also want to get in the souls of the people left, to make you feel fear and uncertainty. To leave you without hope. That’s how terrorists win. That’s how bullies win. I spent last night in a funk, aching for the parents and other loved ones who just thought their beloved was going to run, or cheer, but are now suffering an unimaginable loss. And I am still sad. And I don’t want anything I say to belittle their suffering. So we remember. But I can’t stay despondent. Concerned? Yes. Vigilant? Yes. We lose hope during awful times. But I have to regain it. Every breath is a step. Every smile is a victory. That’s what we’ve got.

4 Responses to “What to Say?”

  1. dishofdailylife@gmail.com' Michelle says:

    I struggled today too. You’re right…we cannot let the evil in the world dictate how we live our lives! And I truly believe there is much more good in the world than evil! Every smile is a victory…I like that.

  2. I typically don’t comment about these types of events. I will converse in person about them or with close friends via chat but I don’t update social media with heartfelt tweets or status updates. It’s not my thing. You’re absolutely right – everyone handles tragedy differently.

  3. SO true and well written. Thanks for that. Stopped by from your SITS feature, happy to have found you. Both your perspectives sound refreshing!

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