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People over 35!! Did ya have a wedding? Having one soon??

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here!

Cool minister from a random wedding.

We love love, and one of the reasons we started this blog was to inform/remind people that love doesn’t just happen to people in their 20’s.  It doesn’t matter how old you are; it is never too late to get married or to find the right person.  Leslie and I both got married in our late-30’s, and we know that some people considered that a fluke, like we got in right under the wire before there was no hope.

“Poppycock”, we say, because we have heard from a bunch of you who found your wuv, your TWUE wuv (look up “The Princess Bride” if this makes no sense to you) when you were “older” , and we want to hear from MORE of you!! If you got married (even if it wasn’t recent!!) in your mid-30’s or beyond, we want to hear your love story and share it on the blog.  And if you are getting married, we want to hear about that, too!! We want to celebrate with you, but we also want to give other people hope that love IS out there, and it doesn’t care about age.

So, share away!!

3 Responses to “People over 35!! Did ya have a wedding? Having one soon??”

  1. clripy@aol.com' Cara Roeck says:

    What started out as my very own personal diet coke commercial…..hot guy, no shirt, sweat glistening in the sun as he washed his truck every Saturday morning at 11AM (yes, I still remember the details!!) turned out to be my TWUE WUV…dubbed at the time as “hot neighbor” was definitely the furthest thing from my mind as husband material….he was safe. 30 something years old and I definitely wasn’t looking for love….the previous 8 years had set me free, and it was all about me.

    Hot neighbor, was what I looked forward to….Saturday morning ritual: wake up, primp and out of the house at 11:05 for lunch & shopping with the girls just so I could catch a glimpse and exchange a few non meanigful words with him. Months October – February went by….every Saturday. Finally March, I get enough chutzpah to actually ask if Hot Neighbor would like to have lunch. Shot down….Yes, he shot me down (but he’ll tell you he just already had plans…)

    Weeks went by, my father passed….Clearly in a funk, I decide to pick my self up and function – clean my house….9:30PM Saturday, I am finally done, greasy smelly me….time to shower. Knock at the door. I open it – HOT NEIGHBOR!! Slam door shut – did I mention that I looked like a total grease monkey!! I open door again and hot neighbor introduces himself – Adam. Hot Adam….I was totally trying not to laugh….smile….or seem any kind of excited that Hot Adam was at my door – my cheek begins to bleed, time to stop biting it. I let Hot Adam in. We chatted and played video games, 5 hours later, he went home. I am sure it was his first encounter with smelly chic and won’t be seeing him again.

    Tuesday, up until 7 AM with my greiving Mother, finally sleep. 1:30PM, knock at door – Hot Adam! AKKKK….Not smelly, but still in pjs, sleep in eyes and hair is a total mess – I just woke up. He’s back to check up on me….a totally confused me, did he have a thing for funkiness?? Now I am totally convinced, Hot Adam won’t be coming back.

    Friday, 6PM, knock at door – Hot Adam, he must totally have a thing for funkiness… This time, my hair is at least is done 🙂 Hot Adam wants to get me out of the house….I accept. Commercial Pier & Arubas. Walk along the pier….chat on the bench, and the conversation every man wants to hear, “Adam I do not want a relationship. If you are looking for the hibbity dibbity, I am not that girl either. And I am not going to give you my phone number.”

    Fast forward a year of friendship, two years of dating, October 15, 2010….Adam had the night planned out….Pumpkin Patch, Commercial Pier & Sushi Buffet…..After the pumpkin patch we went down to Commercial Pier, my favorite place! It was the perfect night….great weather, cool & breezy….the sky was clear and the moon lit up the waves. We strolled down the pier and reminisced about our friendship & our relationship..as we made our way back to the entrance of the pier we stopped at the first bench on the pier, (the same first bench we sat at when I told Adam almost three years prior that he wouldn’t be getting my phone number – who got the last laugh!?). While standing at the bench Adam began to fumble around, I suggested we sit, relax and continue our chat. But, Adam insisted we stand claiming his back was hurting too much to sit and continued to twist and turn….as I thought Adam was about to ask for a back massage —- Adam dropped to his knee grabbed my right hand and asked “Will you marry me??” Tears filled my eyes….my head bobbed up and down….and my mouth said “You have the wrong hand!!” 🙂

    Married – October 15, 2011, a definite bride at 35.

  2. bride35 says:

    Cara- this is an AMAZING story. Thank you for sharing it. SO sweet. Congrats to you and Adam, and here’s to TWUE WUV!!!

  3. maltepoomom@yahoo.com' Angela says:

    Hi! I met my husband online in 2002. I was 35, he was 40. We were married in 2003 and have been married 9 years now. We had a smallish church wedding (we didn’t want a huge production) with a cocktail party afterwards. I wore a lovely wedding dress from Priscilla of Boston. It was so nice to do it older because we could invite who we wanted and got to have the party we wanted, and didn’t worry about someone complaining about the bills! It took a while to find my twue wuv, but it was worth it:)

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