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Today’s gym hero: A smart workout wiz in jorts saves the day

by SweetMidlife
See my smile? It's because of that guy.

See my smile? It’s because of that guy.

As a workout warrior, I am sometimes annoyed by random people who do not appear to be trainers coming by to give me advice. That’s a combination of my ego – I might look like a beginner because of my non-svelteness, but don’t like being reminded of that – and just wondering why the over-zealous are clocking my workout when they oughta be checking their own.

But my 20-second interaction with a man I will call Mr. Jorts, at the downtown outpost of my gym this morning, made me feel better about humanity and potentially saved me some knee pain. I was pedaling pretty fast on the exercise bike, which I usually don’t get on but I was reading something awesome on my phone and, you know, I got to sit and all. I looked up and there was a gentleman, probably my age, standing next to me with a sweetly authoritative but non-pushy look on his face. He was built like a wrestler from the 80s, meaning that he was obviously fit, but not steroid gym rat crazy cut, like the modern guys. (He even had a resemblance to a young Rowdy Roddy Piper, who happened to have been my favorite back in the day.)

Also, he was wearing jean shorts, also known as jorts, popularized by yet another wrestler, ┬áJohn Cena, because apparently my life has a wrestling theme today. Anyway. Mr. Jorts smiled at me and said “Hey, you don’t want to over-extend your knee because if you keep doing that you’re gonna have some joint problems.” I didn’t mention that I’m an overweight runner and former Crossfit-er, so the Joint Pain ship done sailed, but I thanked him.

But he did one better, reaching down and lifting the lever that slid the seat one segment closer.

“See?” he said. “That’ll be easier.”

Nervy? Sure. But nice, because he was just trying to help. And my ego and knee thank him. Sometimes if we shut up long enough to accept help, good things happen and your knee feels better and maybe you can get some more of this cheese weight off.


5 Responses to “Today’s gym hero: A smart workout wiz in jorts saves the day”

  1. Mr. Jorts! And “you know, I got to sit down and all.” I am trying really hard not to wake up my kids laughing right now!
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…The Educational Summer Vacation: Studying the United KingdomMy Profile

  2. mrs.aok05@gmail.com' Mrs. AOK says:

    Nervy- yes! However, I’m glad Mr. Jorts helped you, because knee pain is NO FUN!
    I loved Rowdy Roddy Piper!!
    Thanks for sharing with us at Mommy Monday!
    Mrs. AOK recently posted…Mommy Monday #BlogHop {108}My Profile

    • lelu01@bellsouth.net' Leslie says:

      Also, I enjoy other Piper fans. He was an early crush, where he was so awful to people in the 80s on “Piper’s Pit” and yet I was like “Why do I find this mean man so attractive?” I was 13, so not the best judge of whatever.

  3. lelu01@bellsouth.net' Leslie says:

    And thank you!!!

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