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They Should Know

by SweetMidlife

Hi!! Lynne here! Happy end of the year.

I have a bunch of stuff that I want to do next year: stick to my workout plans; update this blog more and make money off of it; be more present in my life and stop worrying; eat better; and watch less dumb TV, unless I am doing it on purpose and am only using it to delay things that I should be doing.

But the biggest thing that I want to do is to love better.

And this is about to get Jesus-y. So you know that before you read this.

IMG_20140114_105806 (2)

Loving people more sounds like one of those things that people say that means nothing and everything all at once, because it sounds great and positive, but is also so broad, it’s easy to not do. But I have to do something.

Because I have sometimes majored in the minors, and focused on good stuff that is not THE stuff.  You got something good like Jesus, you want to share that news. You want everyone to know. But that is where things get a bit, well, besides the point. Because while we are supposed to glorify God in everything that we do, the way to do that, in my view, is not to have your expression of faith limited to, let’s say,  monitoring other peoples’ holiday vocabulary and whether they say “Merry Christmas” to everyone they greet from Black Friday through New Years Eve. This is not what we are supposed to be ABOUT. Because while doing that may be Christ-related, it’s spending a lot of energy on semantics. And not the point.

Because the point of this was supposed to be love. In the Bible, in John 13,  Jesus is preparing His close followers for His return to heaven, and He tells them that everyone will know that they are His friends because they love one another. This will be their calling card, their identity. Not in how they obey the rules, or in how they get everyone else to. Now, I am not saying that rules aren’t good. But they aren’t supposed to be what guides us. Love should be our default, our big goal. We shouldn’t be leading with rules and then deciding how to love within those parameters. Love should be our priority, and then if you are doing that, you are going to want to do the things that honor that love. That is where the rules come in. That’s good.

This is not one of those posts where I put people on blast and talk about what other judgmental people do or say and take them to task for not living like I think they should. This is a post where I am calling myself out.

This year, and for the rest of my life, I want people to know that I am a follower and lover of Christ by how I love people. Because that is how He said they will know us. I don’t want you to know I am a Christian only because I say that I am. I can say that I am Denzel Washington’s niece, but I’m not. Me claiming it doesn’t make it so. So while Jesus would want us to tell people that we know Him because we are proud of this, this can’t be the only way they know. If people who I know find out that I love Jesus, they shouldn’t be like “Say what now?”

So here are some of, but not all of the ways I intend to do that……

Giving the benefit of the doubt to people.

Not assume that everyone is out to ruin my happiness, because this is not “Dynasty”, and I am not Diahann Carroll and they are not Joan Collins. But that would be cool. Until it got old.

Look for ways that I can open myself up to help people, and not be a jerk about it. But actually fix my heart so that I WANT to help.

Show grace. That’s probably the biggest one. Being a Christian shouldn’t be that there was a line of people who got to be forgiven, and you were the last one Jesus is ever going to forgive, so everyone else needs to wallow in their eventual trip to Hell, because you got the last Golden Jesus Ticket. And you are gonna remind them of that. That is just eww. You got grace when you were sketchy, and when you sometimes continue to be sketchy, and God still loves you now that you are trying to not be sketchy. Which brings us back to what He told His friends. He was saying “I loved you. I am leaving. The best way to continue my legacy and truth is to love like I love you.”

So that is what I am going to do. I will mess up sometimes. But that is going to be my default. I want people to see that that I know Him by how I love.

What are things that you can do to be more loving? They can be simple or grand? Share below!





8 Responses to “They Should Know”

  1. tena_the_queena@yahoo.com' Tena Jackson says:

    I think being more loving means accepting others where they are the way they are. When you know better, you do better. Some know more about themselves and their relationship with God and/or others, some know less. We show love when we accept everyone, even those who make us uncomfortable.

  2. averymquinn@hotmail.com' Avery says:

    I think smiling and talking to people shows love. People that don’t normally get talked too, for instance the maintenance girl or guy at the gym. Let them know you appreciate them or your trash guys!

  3. akaleistar@gmail.com' Akaleistar says:

    Beautiful! These are things I need to work on as well.

  4. idealkidz@gmail.com' Jennifer says:

    Nice post 🙂 I think kindness and smiling is a great way to share happiness and love. My favourite Dalai Lama quote is “My religion is kindness”. <3

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