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Theatre for the Little Ones: “Blossom’s Rainbow” at Arts On The Horizon (and Ticket Giveaway!!)

by SweetMidlife

Happy Friday everybody! Snow is melting, and the sun is shining. This is a perfect time to get out of the house and explore now that things are thawing out. This is exactly what my toddler dude and I did yesterday when we ventured to the Athenaeum in Alexandria, Virginia to see “Blossom’s Rainbow”, a play aimed at kids age 2-5. It’s presented by Arts on the Horizon, a Northern Virginia theatre company that’s totally devoted to providing shows and classes for patrons ages 0-6 (and they are the first American theatre company to focus entirely on that age range). Before I talk about our really fun time at the show, I want to disclose a few things:

1. I used to be on the board of Arts on the Horizon, and have taught for them, too. And now, I take my kid to see their shows for the same reason I was involved before: I believe in what they do, and in the power of the arts to reach even the littlest of us.

2. I was given 2 tickets to the show so I could write about it, but my opinions are, well, mine. AND I AM GIVING AWAY 2 TICKETS AT THE END OF THIS POST FOR PEOPLE IN THE DC/MD/VA AREA.

3. We watched the majority of yesterday’s show from the outside porch of The Athenaeum through the giant glass windows that look directly in on the action because my drum-obsessed 2.5 year-old marched right in the front door as the play was beginning and right up into the performing area and started beating on one of the Japanese drums used in the show. Yeah, that happened. The really wonderful cast didn’t skip a beat, and I scooped my kid up and we watched the show from outside where I could trust that he wasn’t going to do that again. And it was still good from there.

“Blossom’s Rainbow” is about the journeys of a young cherry blossom, and it uses a beautiful painting by painter Britney Mongold as the inspiration for its action. It’s a celebration of Japanese culture, and the 2 actors (Tuyet Thi Pham and Jacob Yeh), accompanied by a drummer (Mark H. Rooney), use rhythm, dance and color to bring its story to life, and keep the audience engaged by inviting them to clap along. The show is funny and the kids who we saw it with were enthralled. Seriously enthralled. It’s gently energetic, if that makes sense: it flows and moves and pops without being chaotic. Creator/director Margo Greenlee has made a show that reaches its intended audience on different levels, which is important, because if you know anyone between the ages of 2-5, you know that their interests and comprehension changes so much in that seemingly short time span. The audience that we were in seemed to all be in that age range, and each of those kids seemed to find something in it that they held on to. For my son, it was the flag that Blossom adds colors to as she completes parts of her journey. And he also wanted to hold onto the drums, which is why we watched from outside. But the very smart producers have even thought of kids who want to touch stuff, because before the show, they have metal tins out for kids to drum on, getting them geared up for the show, and giving them a chance to get their beats on beforehand. We walked in as the show was starting, so we missed that part.

I highly recommend “Blossom’s Rainbow” as a great way to introduce your child to the theater, and to the idea of being part of an audience, which is a wonderful skill to have. It’s a beautiful show. And seriously, the large windows outside of the building really provided almost a balcony experience for my very active kid, who got to watch the show, but in a way that respected the performance. It runs Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from now until March 29, with $8 tickets and a 10:30 a.m. showtime. If you have a little one, this is perfect for your wallet, and also for afternoon nap times. You can also make a whole adventure day out of it, as the Athenaeum is located in Old Town Alexandria, where there are many restaurants and shops within walking distance. We parked in front of a toy store, so we went back there after we rode the free Old Town Trolley up and down King Street (one block over) and ate a yummy lunch.   It was a wonderful day all around, and “Blossom’s Rainbow” was at the center of it.

AND in celebration of March 20th being World Day of Theater for Children and Young People and the quest to take a young person to a show, we are giving away 2 free tickets to the March 20th performance of “Blossom’s Rainbow” at 10:30 am in Alexandria. FREE!! If you are in the DC/MD/VA area, you should enter. In our comments section below, tell me about your favorite live theater or music experience, either as a kid or as an adult by Sunday, 3/15 at 8pm.. That’s it! I will randomly pick a winner and announce it here and on our Facebook page on Monday morning, and have the winner contact me then.

Happy Theatre-going!

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  1. mindymo5743@yahoo.com' melinda Torres says:

    when I was about 9 my mom took me to an opera bc my uncle was playing trumpet in the orchestra it was really amazing seeing “the pit” and watching the singers in elaborate costume and sing in an unknown (to me) language

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