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The Wisdom of Babies and Household Appliances

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here! We haven’t written in about a week. Sorry about that.

So, here’s something.  It’s a life/God lesson thing. Here it is.

My baby boy just turned 8 months old, and every day is so much  fun, as he learns new stuff. We’re mastering how to crawl forward (as opposed to the backwards scoot he was doing) and pull up on stuff and walk around it. Soon, I know, he will be walking on his own, and then, as my Grandma says, the fun will begin. But I am having fun NOW, watching him discover the world around himself with a new focus.  There are some things, though, that he is focusing on now in a way that he doesn’t like. He’s beginning to develop more of the separation anxiety that babies get around this age, so he notices more when we leave the room, and this does not make him happy. Another thing he has started to notice and not like is loud noise.  When he was really little, he would play in his swing in our kitchen or sit in his high chair while I made dinner, and that sometimes included using the food processor or (my favorite) the Magic Bullet. Alex used to just swing away happily, not really paying attention to the proceedings. About a week ago, though, I put something in the food processor, started up, and the kid freaked out. He got this really startled look on his face, paused a second and BAWLED.  It was shocking and scary to me, too, and we assured him that we were there, and that he was okay.

I made a smoothie this morning in the Magic Bullet, and it happened again, and I reassured him, and hugged him. It didn’t matter that Alex didn’t used to mind the noise. Currently, he’s scared by it. Of course, eventually, he will get used to the sound as we continue to make the smoothies and chop the onions, and it will not bother him at all, and he will actually try to chop things we don’t want him to. But for now, it’s enough for him to know that we are there for him, and that we will stick with him until he is okay.

That’s like us, isn’t it? I am in my early-40’s, and I’m grown. Or so I think. I own a house, and a car, and I have a career as both a Mommy and a teaching artist. I have a cute husband (hee). I have travelled. I think that I know a little something. But even in my older (and obviously sometimes delusional state), I find that I don’t know it all. Things that I thought I had a handle on now make me anxious. I have a kid! I have to child-proof stuff! I have to think about retirement! Marriage is work! I have aches and pains in places that I didn’t last week!  I’ve lost a parent, and now am made more aware of the advanced age of other loved ones! Things that weren’t scary are scary now. But just like we’re not going to stop using the food processor, these scary things are things that I have to face.  And that’s when I remember that God is with me. And He’s holding my hand and telling me that even though things are alarming now, they will stop soon. And even while they go on, He is with me, and he is telling me that things are alright. Because just like smoothies have to happen, sometimes scary things do too. What a difference having a good parent (or Parent) makes, right?

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  1. akaleistar@gmail.com' Akaleistar says:

    Lovely post! Life always has so much to teach us.

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