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The Meadow on the Other Side

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here. Today’s post is kinda God-heavy, so while this is not a religious blog, per se (I have never written the phrase “per se” before and it feels good), this is what I am feeling today, so I hope that it helps you, wherever you are.

A few years ago, I was in a relationship that was breaking up. Perfectly good guy (and I am friends with both him and his now wife), but we were not for each other.  It was getting obvious that it wasn’t gonna work, and one day, not long before it ended for good, I had a vision/daydream/saw something in my head, and I am as sure now as I was then that it was from God. I saw (in my head and not for real because that would have made it an hallucination and this would be a different story) myself standing on one side of a nasty forest that was dark and had trees with sharp barren branches, and there were scary owls and it was all over a desolate, scary place.

I knew that this was going to be what the break-up was like. Painful and no fun. But then I saw, on the other side of the darkness, a meadow with green grass and bluebirds singing and butterflies flying and blue skies. And I knew that this was going to be the peace that I had once I worked through the heartbreak, and that I was going to be okay eventually. The thing was, though, that I had to walk through the painful part to get to the peace. That sucks. But I knew that God was telling me that He was going to be with me the entire time, and we would be more than okay. We would be good.


I have told that story to friends over the years who have gone through break-ups, loss of jobs, and other unpleasant things that they had to endure, but with the promise of something better at the end.  Well, my family and I are going through a break-up of sorts: the loss of my Dad. And it sucks. It is painful. It is heartbreaking. Leslie and I decided the other day that we are over him being dead, and that it’s time for him to stop playing and just come back already.  But nothing will bring him back, not on this side of heaven.  So we grieve.  But I was just reading this devotional/Bible thing that I read every day, and today it was about how God doesn’t promise that we will live problem-free lives. Actually, pain is a part of this life. But before you leave depressed, what God offers is to walk through it with us. Which is when God reminded me of that meadow.  And He told me that this pain, this grief, is something we are going to have to go through.  But we won’t go through it alone, and there will actually be some joy on the journey to go with the suck.  And there is a meadow on the other side.  It’s green, and bright, and there is joy, and there is peace, and there will still be a longing there.  But we will be good.  And so will you, whatever you are walking through.  I know it.

2 Responses to “The Meadow on the Other Side”

  1. tate_franz@comcast.net' Thaeda says:

    Just what I needed today, Miss Lynne. Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. niknak411@yahoo.com' Best Friend Nikki says:

    I love you.

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