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The Kardashian Thing and Careful Consideration

by SweetMidlife

So, there isn’t much to add to the madness that has become the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding/brief marriage of 72 days/divorce.  There is rampant speculation about who was at fault, if Kim just wanted a wedding but didn’t think about the actual marriage,  if Kris was duped or was a willing participant in a large publicity stunt, and if this taints or adds to the whole Kardashian brand.  And as judgemental as I am tempted to be, I am cautioned not to be because I WASN’T THERE. But here is some of what I think, thanks for asking….

  • Kim’s first press release said that she came to the conclusion to end things after “careful consideration”.  I couldn’t but help to think what would have happened if they had put careful consideration into the decision to get married in the first place.
  •  Divorce is a painful, painful thing, and even though the union was very short, and the argument could be made that they weren’t invested in the first place.  But I can’t do the “I-told-you-so” thing because even if this seems like the easy way out, it’s still sad.
  • This point kind of goes back to the first. In a second statement (actually in a blog post), Kim says that she thinks that maybe she got caught up in the hoopla and excitement of the wedding to the point where it would have been difficult to end things without dissapointing people.  Again, this is where the careful consideration could have come in.  I know people who had deposits down, dresses bought, invites out and called off things anyway because they knew something was wrong. Heartbreaking? Yes. Embarrassing? Yes.  But in the end, for them it was better to face that then go through the divorce later.  Now, did they have television contracts to film the whole thing? No. But still. 

So, all of those random thoughts add up to this for me.  The whole thing is sad. Sad that Kim got carried away with the glitz.  Sad that people are embarrassed.  Sad for Kris.  Sad at the whole mess.  Because even if they both find somebody else soon, and if it seems like the whole thing was no big deal to them, I think that saying those words, those vows, to somebody changes you.  Even if it doesn’t last long, there is something in those words that links you to this other person, and no matter how long it lasts, there is going to be some impact.  My prayer for Kim is that, if she is telling the truth, she carefully consider THIS whole situation when going into the next relationship, and be able to separate the dream, the cameras, the media, and the hoopla, all of it, from the marriage.

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