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The Inaugural Bride at 35 Book Club!!

by SweetMidlife

Hey, this is Lynne, one of the Brides at 35.

So, I was in a Borders in San Antonio last week with my husband perusing the stacks for something to read for the plane trip home when I came across Emily Giffin’s book, “Baby Proof”.  It’s about a couple in their 30’s who get married because of all they have in common, including the non-desire to have kids.  All is going well, until a few years into the marriage, when the husband changes his mind. This caught my attention, because as newly-married people, my husband and I traded “So when are you gonna get married?” for “So when are you gonna have kids?” as the question we hear most often.  The question looms, though, since he’s in his 40’s, and I will be by this time next week (Yep, that’s happening).  And it’s not just because other people ask; we both really want them, but wanted to get a hang of this marriage thing first. Still, every time I see a baby, I get a bit giddy. We hung out with our 4 nephews in TX, and the 7 month old and 2 year old are hilarious, and the 7 year-old and 11 year-old are smart and polite and sweet and just cool people, and after a week with them, the baby thing was way up on things I was thinking about that day in the bookstore.

So I bought the book, and I read it on the plane, and it was the first time in a long time that I couldn’t put a book down. It’s funny and touches not on just the desire to have or not have children, but also issues of infertility, or what you give up of your current life when you have kids or a spouse, but mostly about what you will or won’t do for love.  It really made me think, and I think it will make YOU think too (and I say this to all of you guys, whether single, married, parent or not will get something out of this book because it has something for everybody).

So I propose this….


I want y’all to do this….

– Go out and buy “Baby Proof” or get it from the library (there is a picture of it above. It’s yellow)

-Write us at bride35@gmail.com or on Facebook or Tweet us or something and tell us that you are in by this Monday, 4/25

– Read the book by May 20th (that’s a month), look at the Reading Group questions at the back of the book, and we will set-up an online conference and discuss the book

-We’ll print the exciting parts in our blog!!

So, you in? So far, it’s Leslie (the other Bride) and me. If we get 1 more person, it will be a go!!  Again, I think that most of you, Bride at 35 readers, will see yourself somewhere in this book. Let us know by Monday, April 25, and we will get our read-on!!

See ya then, we hope!

2 Responses to “The Inaugural Bride at 35 Book Club!!”

  1. kgaines71@gmail.com' Kristen Gaines says:

    I will do it! I love her books, and I would enjoy participating with all of you in the book club!

  2. bride35 says:

    YAY!! Happy to have you, Kristen!!

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