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The Happy Dance

by SweetMidlife

Hi friends! Today, we are thrilled to have a guest post from our friend,  writer, survivor, and bright light Jennifer Alhasa. Today, she writes about happiness.

The Happy Dance by Jennifer Alhasa

As I embark on a new life in LA, I’m determined to feel good. My marriage just ended and I’ve manifested 2 day-jobs to pay the bills. I’ve got a few new friends and a big, beautiful backyard. Not too shabby so far. That said, separation’s hard on a soul and so is starting over. So what, during this difficult time, can a girl do to get happy? And, more importantly, what does that even look like?



Some secrets of success so far:

1)      Forget the big picture; collect magical moments – A brisk bike ride in the summer sun. A Pisces Princess in sparkly shoes. Hot sea-salt baths and deep dreaming at day’s end. Divine!

2)      Cry more – Sounds counterintuitive but getting grief up and out’s the first step to deep peace. Take a note from toddlers: flop on the floor for 5 minutes and see how fast you bounce back!

3)      Just be – In a culture addicted to doing, it’s not that easy. I say step away from the machines and bid busyness good-bye. A few minutes of quiet-time works wonders!

4)      Follow joy – That’s right: If it feels good, DO IT. If not, stop should-ing yourself and just say “No.” It’s pretty simple but not always easy. Lucky for us, practice makes almost-perfect!

5)      Move – While oh so appealing, turning into a couch potato only makes matters worse. Limit screen time and try something sporty instead. Hit the gym, pool, court or track and get your blood pumping. It’ll make you feel (and look) far more fab!

6)      Make Play Dates – Just like parents do for kids, we’ve gotta book in advance these days. Hatch a plan for some fun with your best guy or gal pal. It’s a wild, wonderful world and there’s no reason to go it alone!

7)      Get Outside – Nothing soars a spirit like nurturing in nature! Soak up some snow, rain or shine and get glee going in the great outdoors. Have you hugged your tree today?

8)      Fuel Your Body – No matter what’s going on, you’ll function better with a well-oiled machine. Limit sugar, alcohol and caffeine and get more greens. Opt for whole foods and if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. That said, dark chocolate is a gift from God!

9)      Laughter really is the best medicine – Watch a fave flick, silly sitcom or phone your funniest friend. Throw on Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Dave Chappelle or Margaret Cho. Who ever makes you LOL the hardest wins! 🙂

Dance on, my friends, DANCE ON!

Jennifer Alhasa shines love & light for a divine life. Want some? Visit her at http://jenniferalhasa.com/.



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  1. i’m a big proponent of a good cry to let it all out! and it really is good to get out and enjoy others’ company.

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