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The Best Thing I Saw Last Week and Other Rambling Points

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here!!

I am watching DVR’d TV while the baby sleeps, and I am catching up on this past week’s episode of the “Biggest Loser”. I love this show, because it’s about something many people can relate to, and that’s weight loss.   After having said baby,  I have some poundage to lose, so I can relate.  So, last year, the show took a little detour and got hijacked by very, very unlikable people who were more concerned with game play than losing weight, and bullied themselves to the finals.  SO while they may have “won”, the show had become almost un-watchable. The whole point was to be the biggest loser of weight, and  to inspire, not to act like a loser TO other people, therefore inspiring me to change the station.   So this year, the show remembered that viewers want to actually have people to root for, and the contestants are nicer. Leslie wrote about all of this really well in this article for her day job.

So anyhow, I thought I was gonna write about “American Idol” today, but I have so many thoughts on the new season that I don’t really know exactly how I feel about it but to say that so far: There is some real talent; I am a little in crush with Keith Urban; I am not interested in seeing rich women have diva fights , Miss Carey and Miss Minaj, because you are rich already and these children are getting their start; Randy is making good points; and hooray for Keith Urban.  Umm, I guess I said how I feel.

But back to the best thing I saw this week.  which was on “The Biggest Loser”, which is where I started.  So towards the end of each episode, all of the teams get on this big giant scale, one by one, to see their progress. The last one to go this week was a lady named Pam, who so far has been a little dramatic and very tear-prone, and trainer Jillian has been telling her to get off of it and all of that.   So, when it was Pam’s turn to weigh-in, everybody was all on pins and needles because her results could have sent her home BUT, it turned out, that she had the biggest percentage of weight loss for the week! And because of that, she did The Best Thing I Saw All Week.  She started dancing, and yelling, “How You Like Me Now?” and stuff like that. And she made me want to dance.  And it was happy. And why I watch this show.

So what was the best thing YOU saw this week?

3 Responses to “The Best Thing I Saw Last Week and Other Rambling Points”

  1. tate_franz@comcast.net' Thaeda says:

    Can’t say I am a fan of TBL….of COURSE they lose weight— it’s all they have to do…..I know they have had few reunion shows but I would like to know how ALL of the contestants who lost a significant amount of weight did after the show… YEARS after….likely, as is the case for 95% of people who lose weight, they will have gained it back. Not trying to be a downer– I mean, I get the point of the show and all and I suppose it makes for good tv, but seems kind of pointless to me since they will likely (in less well controlled and trainer-filled environments) gain it back.

    Anyway…. I am not a big TV fan…my daughter was watching a re-run of “Wife Swap” that I found rather captivating. ONe of the hubbies was SO focused on his wife looking good and siad he would leave her if she “got fat” because he hates fat people. OMG– he was SO shallow (but so was his wife– they deserve each other). It really made me think about how blessed I am to have a hubby who loves me for me. 🙂

  2. margaritagrc77@gmail.com' mangga says:

    okay, best thing on TV right now, hands down of course the Bravermans and Downton Abbey.

    what i have been indulging in? Season 7 of Cheers. YAY!!!!

  3. kromaine@fastmail.fm' Jill says:

    Watched “Nature” on PBS last night, a documentary on koalas in an Australian suburb. Imagine walking through your ‘hood, looking up and seeing cute, furry creatures clinging to gum trees and swaying in the branches.

    A couple of the males were a bit—amorous. One was trying to get with a female, who took one look at him, started screaming and swiping at him. She managed to get in a couple of slaps. After a while, he gave up.

    Oh yeah, some of those koalas have an STD. Little wonder that female was screaming and slapping that male.

    That’s a serious reality show…

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