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Thanksgiving Plus

by SweetMidlife

Hi y’all. Lynne here.

Before we got married, my husband usually spent Thanksgiving with family, or with friends who had become like family. He was usually a guest in their homes, so he didn’t have what people who make their own Thanksgiving feasts do: tons of leftovers to savor for days. So he started his own Friday-after Thanksgivng tradition, where he bought ingredients for his own feast for one. This usually was canned cranberry sauce, ready to heat up turkey and gravy, a pack of rolls, canned sweet potatoes and Stove Top stuffing. When we got married, we kept this tradition up, and on that Friday, feasted on a mixture of ready-made stuff we bought from the grocery store and stuff we brought home from whomever’s house we went to on Thursday (including whatever we brought to the big dinner). And that was some good eating. Because Thanksgiving food rocks. And because I love me some Stove-Top. In college, I ate it as a meal. Just the stuffing. Carbs are love.

But for the past few years we have been trying to cut down on the processed foods that we eat here, and while we haven’t completely eliminated them, because frozen tater tots, I do a lot of stuff from scratch. Last year for our post-Turkey Day dinner, I bought Stove Top, but made the candied yams (using this recipe from football star Keyshawn Johnson’s mom) and made this green bean casserole with fresh onions (and not the yummy ones from French’s that I eat like candy, or the canned soup).

This year, I want to kick it up another notch, and make the yams and the green bean casserole but also homemade stuffing and rolls that I make with yeast and whatnot. Pair that with maybe the leftovers from the slow cooker apple crisp I am making for dinner at our friends’ house for Thursday, I am actually cooking a whole Thanksgiving dinner. Well, wait. I am not making a whole turkey. I don’t eat, so it makes no sense to do that for just my husband and the toddler. So I might find already roasted turkey. But everything else I am making.  And I am a little excited, but I also feel this kind of validation. Like I am grown-up or something. And maybe I shouldn’t seek validation from that. But you know what? I will take it. Because it lets me know that I can do this. If I don’t, there is no shame in that either, because, well, STOVE TOP IS DELICIOUS. But I am happy to be able to put in the work, and provide some yumminess for the boys who live here, and to craft new traditions for our family.

It's about to get real real up in here. And we will hopefully not need the Dustbuster.

It’s about to get real real up in here. And we will hopefully not need the Dustbuster.

I will let you know if it went down like I planned. But whatever I do, we will be together, and we will give thanks, and it will be good.

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4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Plus”

  1. Wow! Stuffing and rolls from scratch? Good for you. I don’t think I could do that as I’m just not a cook. Thanks for stopping by from the Mommy Monday Blog Hop.

  2. marykatbpcsc45@gmail.com' Mary Hill says:

    Sounds like a yummy plan. Will stop by next week to see how it went. 🙂

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