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Taking the Yay of Vacation Home With You

by SweetMidlife

Hi! Lynne here. It is a cloudy Saturday where I live, and my husband and I are hanging out with my toddler son. We had plans to  go to an event at church, and to go the pumpkin patch up the street to replace the pumpkin we got from the boy’s preschool trip that rotted already, but that all changed when my son went to bed with sniffles and coughing and woke up with the same. So we are here, watching episodes on VeggiieTales and Paw Patrol on repeat, having fights about whether or not he should slurp the snt coming from his nose, and if he really needs, as he calls it “hanitizer” to keep his hands germ-free. Actually, I won that one.

But this seemed like a really good time to tell you all about the anniversary trip that my husband and I took at the beginning of this month. I have been meaning to post about it ever since we got home, but I had bot had a chance to sit down and go through the pictures and such. That’s okay, actually: today seems ideal, and this is why. I know that when I take a vacation, there are times, especially towards the end of it, where I am not enjoying every moment of my time away because I am counting down the days and hours until the whole thing is over and we have to go back. And that is a bad outlook to have: you aren’t maximizing the gift it is to have time away, and plus, you are dreading your “real life”.

Guess what? If you set up your regular existence as awful, then that’s what it will be. And you are already planning your next getaway before this one is over. That’s no way to be! Vacations should fuel you up for your regular life, and let you take the peace you got on your time away back with you. This is why today seemed a nice time to remember the joy of our time away, as I throw away tissues that missed the trash can. Serenity now.

So, here’s the first thing about our vacation trip: it wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be in some ways. We started strong. By the spring, we had already made the reservations for our early-October anniversary, and had paid for it out of the savings pot we had been pouring into just for this trip. We had decided on Cape May, New Jersey, because we wanted the beach, and to go somewhere that we each had never been before. Plus, it was supposed to be sunny and in the 70s, according to early predictions. Which were wrong. Because it turned out that this was the weekend that Hurricane Joaquin was headed for the east coast of the United States. I will say at the beginning of this that even though there was flooding there, and though we had days where we got deluged with rain, we know that we were fortunate to be away at all, and that there were people who died in the flooding that weekend. Therefore, any whining on my end for real would be horrible. So here are some highlights of our soggy but wonderful trip.

Way to Cape May

This was on our way up to Cape May. We stopped at the outlet mall right over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland to get shoes for my husband, something for me to wear for our fancy dinner that night, and also for a raincoat for me, because I didn’t bring one, I think, out of denial. Fun ride up, though, listening to 90’s R&B on Pandora. Lots of Toni Braxton.

Yummy dinner

The yummy snapper dish I had at 410 Bank Street, the yummy Caribbean/New Orleans-style restaurant we went to. It was the most delicious thing I have had in a long while. Oh, and that’s also my husband’s steak. Through chews, he says it was good.


My husband took this picture. It is one of the nicest ones that anyone has ever taken of me. Shout-out to the Gap Factory Outlet, where I bought that dress. I have been wearing it a lot.

Heading Out

This is us heading out on our first full day, as it was rainy and cold and still really beautiful. The beach has it like that. Note my brand new Columbia rain hoodie and hat. And I realize that this seems like a sponsored post where people paid us to mention them, but it isn’t! Nope, we bought all that stuff but liked it so much,I thought I would name names.

Neat not Neat Pancakes

I posted this picture of our delicious pancake breakfast. I posted mostly so you could see tje differences in my husband and me on neatness and organization. He has much more of those than me. Guess which plate is mine and which is his? Mine looks like it was bitten by wild boars.


This is the TV in our room at The Beach Shack, the really cute place where we stayed. It’s an updated 50’s beach motel, and we got a god deal off of Priceline. TV-watching on vacation is fun, especially when it’s raining out. It’s relaxing and such, And I don’t know why this picture is sideways.


Our third day in town, the rain stopped, and even though it was cloudy, it was nice to do lots of walking. There’s the beach. Beautiful. Now, this next picture is not beautiful. I took it thinking I looked really cute, when actually I look like I got into a fight with a Sand Monster and his buddy The Wind, and I lost.

Not Cute

See? Not. Cute. But we went to a vineyard later, and that was beautiful, and I didn’t take any pictures because I put my phone away and just had a good time.

Rusty Nail


Now this was the day we left. You will see that the sun was shining brightly. But that was okay. At least we got to see Cape May in all kinds of weather. We were actually at our motel’s restaurant having lunch and using the drink coupons the front desk left us to compensate for us being at the beach during a storm. See, it worked out!


So, vacation ended, and we went back home to our little one (thanks to my mom for coming up to stay with him), and there is the reason I wanted to post this. We had a wonderful time while we were gone, and I have carried that peace with me as we returned. Vacations should give you something to look forward to, but you should see them as the extra special highlights of a “regular” life that’s good too, instead of seeing your trips as what you are living for. That is more sustainable.

Ooh, one more picture. We brought home a bottle of delicious Port wine from the vineyard, so the next weekend, we drank it. Now, we didn’t have fancy cheese and crackers, but sometimes shredded cheddar and saltines will do. See? Every day can be a vacation.

So Fancy

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