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Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

by SweetMidlife
Us, Some years ago.

Us, Some years ago.

Howdy! Lynne here.

As you know, this blog is written by a pair of twin sisters: Leslie, who lives in Florida, and Lynne, who lives in Maryland. The idea was that we would trade off in writing duties,so you could get to know us both through what we post. We are a lot alike in MANY things, but also have unique styles in writing and also in how we see other things, being different people and all. What has happened in reality, though, is that we haven’t always been consistent in writing all the time, and that you have seen glimpses of who we are as we tell the stories of us, but we don’t know if you really know us as well as you could and stuff. You seem to like us when we actually DO write, and you have reached out to us in good times and in really awful ones, as you did when Leslie lost her husband this summer. Really. You guys have been amazing.

So, we will continue to write from our own experiences: me as a wife and mom who is mostly at home but also starting her own business; Leslie as a now-single woman who has a full-time job, is raising a toddler, and is also now sharing those duties with our Mom. Yes, my mom is either Uncle Jesse or Uncle Joey. And Leslie is Bob Saget.


We also want you to see more of who we are together, because this is why we wrote this blog in the first place, because this is how we live. We are each other’s starting points. So, we will be posting, hopefully once a week, side by side videos of the two of us talking and whatnot. We hope it’s funny. We hope it’s insightful. We hope we can figure it out, because as you see from a video we shot last week when we were both in the same place (my kitchen), we ain’t tech-savvy.

So we hope to see you soon! And for you to see us. We would like that.

One Word at A Time: Random Things

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here.

So, we have had a lot happening here and we are gearing back up to blogging regularly. I have actually started several posts the last few days, but I can’t keep up the momentum to write an entire coherent post where things make sense altogether. So I am just gonna write a bunch of random thoughts on here that could make an entire post if expounded on. But I can’t seem to be able to do that. So. Here this is.

Nachos are a perfect food because you can eat them at every meal.

A dirty plate is the evidence of nachos eaten.

A dirty plate is the evidence of nachos eaten.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube of people playing with toys. My kid loves them. He could use that time to play with his own toys.

Tea is a great thing to drink when you want flavor but not extra calories. Of course, if you put milk and sugar in it, you added fat. But it also tastes good. Taste is important.

I am making shrimp and grits for my son and I tonight, but I am making my husband shrimp and rice because he only likes sweet grits.

You remember Flo from “Alice” and she used to say “Kiss My Grits”? I loved her.

A wonderful actor from a 70’s TV show totally tried to throw me shade once, before I even knew that phrase. I was interning at a regional theater, and I was holding the script during a rehearsal of a show that she was doing, in case someone missed a line. We were on break and Leslie was sitting with me, and during the break we were laughing, And this actor stood on the edge of the stage and said “Young ladies, are you here to work or to giggle?” And I, who doesn’t like confrontation, said, “If someone asks for a line, I will give it to them.” And she was nice to me after that. Don’t let people make you look stupid because they are having a bad day. No.

My kitchen window looks right out onto the street and when people walk by I wonder about their lives. I feel nosy sometimes. Like Jimmy Stewart from “Rear Window” and Pearl from “227” who would hang out of her window and talk to people.

Sitting on the chair of the kitchen, writing a blog, Lillian. Points if you get that reference.

Sitting on the chair of the kitchen, writing a blog, Lillian. Points if you get that reference.

I want to have a TV show where Leslie and I just hang out of our windows and talk to people who walk by. Would you watch that?

We are getting rid of cable and doing Netflix and such and I am a little scared. I feel like it’s a break-up. I need to find out how to get my fix of Hallmark movies and TV shows.

I just checked and saw that I can rent “Diagnosis: Murder” on Netflix but not stream it. I miss you already, Dick Van Dyke.

Raisins that come in containers with plastic lids are better than the ones that come in plastic bags inside of boxes. Not scientifically proven. I made that up.

Not as good.

Not as good.

Well. I gotta run. I can get in a few minutes on the elliptical. One more thought: I hope that you have a good day. Write your own random thoughts in the comments.



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