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Things a mom thinks about at 2:25 a.m., five hours before she’s supposed to work out

by SweetMidlife

Scene of the 2:30-something mind crime.


This is Leslie. It is 2:25 a.m. As the great Wanda Sykes once said, women’s brains are so full of tasks and thoughts and things we have to do that we can’t get to sleep because even the minute stuff like not being able to remember the name of a teacher we haven’t seen in 30 years just won’t leave us alone. This is happening to me right now. Here is the dumb, deep and sleep-depriving stuff in my head right now. I wish it was not in my brain, because I would like to go to bed now.

You certainly don’t want them in your head, too. But here you are – I have too much on the brain to be charitable at this point,. You understand, of course. You’re awake, too. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?


– “Why am I awake?

– “It has taken me four hours to get through this two-hour finale of ‘Secrets and Lies.’ I wonder if anyone watches this but me, Michael Ealy is fine. I’ve almost grown attached to Juliette Lewis’ character, and she’s kind of awful. i hope they don’t cancel this. They always cancel the shows I get attached to. Dang. Now I’m worried about ‘Blackish.’ Please don’t cancel ‘Blackish,’ Jesus.”

“Jesus doesn’t cancel TV shows, right? He’s busy, right?”

“I finally finished that assignment for work I should have done before I feel asleep. Win for me? Does procrastination count as a win? Whatever. Taking it. TAKING THIS WIN.”

“I am super hungry. I didn’t eat enough last night,. Didn’t I leave some veggie chili in the bowl? I wonder if it;’s in the fridge. Did I put it in the fridge? I wonder if it’s still good if I didn’t put it in the fridge? Or did I leave it on the counter? It’s got light sour cream on it. Is that real dairy? I wouldn’t get that sick, right?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t eat counter chili.”

“I love ‘The Affair’ even if I don’t like any of these horrible people. They’re awful. But they have great apartments. Great kitchens. I like my kitchen. It has chili on the counter.”

“I really ought to get off the stick and get a hotel for Disney this weekend. I canceled the one I had because I am convinced there is a cheaper one out there. Hotwire is an addiction and I need to get help. But…the…deals! There are deals out there and I shall find them. They are the Precious and I am Black Smeagol.”

“I am still so hungry. If I eat right now I can’t weigh myself this morning because it won’t be the real weight. Then again I had hash browns and bourbon for lunch so I probably tanked that thing already. I should eat.”

“I have to sleep, man. I have to work out at 7:15, and if I don’t leave on time the kid will wake up and I’ll have to take him, too, and that running stroller and him together weigh like 70 pounds and he’s a weight wearing an Afro, At least he holds the phone up so I can hear the Andy Grammar song he’s playing. He’s a little DJ.”

“I need to figure out how to make more money. Like, now. I should read that book my friend Kim had me buy about platforms, that I never read, thus I am sitting here at…what…2:47 a.m. now wondering how to get a platform to make money. She’s always right. And she’s got a platform. I bet she’s not asleep either.”

“Maybe I’ll write on that blog I never write on. That’s a platform.”

‘I wonder if that chili’s still down there.”

What To Do, What To Do….

by SweetMidlife

Hi. It’s Lynne.

And I am stuck. I know I really need to write today but I don’t know what. I have started and trashed like 3 different posts. Still WANT to write, but I can’t keep my brain still.

And I think that is okay. Maybe it means that there is something else that I am supposed to be doing. Like napping. Or laundry. Or working out. Or writing thank you cards from Christmas. Or dusting. My son has already pulled the furniture polish and paper towels from the cabinet, so maybe that is a hint. I also have some other creative projects to work on too.

So it looks like this post turned into my to-do list today. That probably wasn’t exciting for you to read. But maybe it let YOU know, if you are in “I know I gotta do something but I don’t know WHAT” mode, that you aren’t the only one. Not by a long shot. But let’s not waste this moment, you and me. Acknowledging that you are stuck is the first step in getting unstuck. Embrace the confusion. Now pick something. And do it. It’s something. And now it will be done. Hooray.

I feel better now.

Five Minute Fridays: Story

by SweetMidlife

Leslie here!


Here’s the story of a girl named Leslie, who was doing some probably naughty thing

As a punishment she stood in the corner

To then reflect on things

Here’s the story of some old wallpaper

with forests, trees and paths that led away

Leslie stared at them and then made up stories

That wiled the time away

Until one day that small girl became a writer

and she knew that it was much more than a clue

That the seeds had started in that corner

Ain’t it funny what imagination do?

Don’t pay a bunch

but buys her lunch

Sometimes whole careers can come through in a crunch


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