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Together Forever and Never To Part: Lynne and Leslie Figure Out How To Record Skype

by SweetMidlife

Hi! It’s us!


So, a few weeks ago we promised to try to figure out Skyping together so you can see the funny that goes down we were are together. And we did!! See us riff on tonight’s live production of “The Wiz” on NBC, Lynne’s dream to be Dorothy one day, and why “Blot” is an ugly word. And yes, Lynne still has not figured out where to look in the camera.


Are you guys excited about “The Wiz”? Did you see “The Sound of Music” and “Peter Pan” when NBC did them live? Thoughts?

Running up that hill: starting all over again

by SweetMidlife
That is 2005 Marathon Lynne on the left, her fierce twin on the right.    That is our friend Funnel T. Cake on the plate.

Us in 2005, fiercely fierce with the fierceness.

Leslie here!

My fabulous sister wrote a really great post a few weeks back  http://sweetmidlife.com/?p=2714 about how the 2014 version of herself was just as fierce, in a different way, than the sleek marathon-running 2005 version, and about how she was embracing the earlier Lynne’s ability to crush it by figuring out how New Lynne can do that and still live her current life.

I read that intently as we are twins and were at similar levels of crush at 34, and have similar interest in re-crushing it at 43. We also both really love running, not just for its weight loss possibilities, but because it’s transformative mentally and spiritually. I love yoga, but I have meditated more deeply, more truly while sweating and pounding on a path by the water with the sun coming up than I ever have in a darkened room with quiet intonations and cymbal-y music. Maybe I’m just weird or a glutton for punishment.

Or maybe it’s the rhythm of your heart, that’s beating like a drum (thanks, Rod Stewart!) to the time of your feet, to your breath, to the water and the sky. And even though you’re in pain, and your muscles are screaming at you, and you’re noticing that you’re running past the home of a friend who would surely drive you home….you keep running. You NEED to run. Or shuffle. Or crawl. You gotta get there. The rhythm demands it.

Anyway, I want back in. I started running again, just 20 minutes at a time, a few weeks ago, and I find that I crave it. I plan to run a 5K – my first race in nearly three years – in December, and I’m thrilled and terrified all together (thrillified? terried?) This is my running morning, and as I write this and drink the green juice of repentance for what I ate this weekend, I find myself imagining the things I’m gonna see as I run – the mothers pushing strollers, the pretty houses with “For Sale” signs, the little details I never notice when I’m driving. And I’m hungry for it…certainly hungrier than I am for his green juice. But it’s all a part of the run.

And I’m ready. Who’s coming with me?

Five minute Fridays: Together

by SweetMidlife

Leslie here! Go…

“Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah/why don’t you and me com-bi-ine?”

“The Parent Trap,” from which that groovy, if lyrically uncomplicated lyric is taken, has a love/hate place in my heart, as I’m sure it might for many twins of a certain age – and I’m referring to the 1961 original and not the 1990s Lohan remake, which was cute but not what I’m talking about.

The story of a set of identical twins separated at birth by their divorcing parents, spending their lives unaware of each other’s existence until accidentally meeting at summer camp, might be cuter to those who think of twins as some mythical pixie plot point. I could never be that casual about it – my twin, best friend and blogging partner is a part of my soul, and the idea that these parents were so selfish and cruel that they split these girls like a set of luggage made me insane. Who does that? I mean, people do. But I don’t like these people. This isn’t a heart-warming family movie. It’s a trip to family therapy.

What I do like is the scene with that silly little song, where the twins are spliced together in a scene meant to suspend disbelief in the obvious fact that actress Hayley Mills was playing both .of them – ’60s movies magic was adorable. I like the idea that these girls, who had no idea that they had a sister, let alone a twin, wanted to get their family together, not just their estranged parents,  but themselves. They were jamming on being reunited, on finally knowing themselves – their whole selves. The parents didn’t get my sympathy much. But the girls sure did.



Happy SITS Day at Sweet Midlife! Serving up twin realness since 1971!

by SweetMidlife

Nancy the comic strip and a gypsy in a Holly Hobby turtleneck walk into a room. There is much cuteness and nothing much gets accomplished.

OK, so technically we haven’t been blogging that long. There were no blogs in 1971, and there certainly weren’t computers when we met, in a nice warm womb in Baltimore. But blogs are really just communication, and we, Lynne and Leslie, the twins who write this blog, have certainly always done that. It was probably something like “You’re taking up too much room in here,” which isn’t all that eloquent or blog-worthy.

But it was a start.

So here we are, nearly 42 years later, both married but living in different states. One’s a mom. One’s not (yet). One’s a teaching artist, the other a newspaper reporter. Both got married in their 39th year, barely escaping the Spinster Buzzer (which sounds like the legs of a rocking chair going over the tails of many cats.) We’re both kinda goofy, but have a lot to say about relationships, friendships, dirty dishes, reality stars who won’t show up, death, life and cheese.

Interestingly, this used to be a blog about being older brides, and we still talk about the state of relationships that bear the benefit of having (alleged) wisdom under our belts. But weddings are just the candy-covered frosting of the rest of your life, and that’s where we like to be. The cake’s the good part.

So come on in and hang out. Tell us what you think. Give us some advice. Encourage Lynne to finish that framed calendar thing she’s been trying to craft. Make Leslie go to boot camp. Tell us where the good cheese is.

And thanks for coming!

A Little Love Letter to My Sister.

by SweetMidlife
Lynne here. 
 Most of you who read this blog know that it is written by twin sisters, Leslie Streeter Zervitz and Lynne Streeter Childress, who both got married the year that they turned 39.  Prior to our marriages, we hadn’t lived in the same hour and a half radius for 8 years, so while we weren’t proximity close, we still spoke on the phone SERIOUSLY about 7 times a day.  Then we got married. To other people. Who are very understanding and know that we need to talk a bunch every day. But the husbands became our priorities. So while Leslie and I didn’t have to disavow knowledge of each other and only mention the other in hushed tones, we also know that if we’ve spoken 10 times that day and our husbands get home, it’s polite to pay our husbands some attention and wrap up the phone call, leaving our debate over whether “Survivor” needs to stop bringing back old players for another day. But she is still the other half of that egg that split, my confidante, and part of my soul.  A.C. and I just took her to the airport (she was in town this weekend), and we had a wonderful time eating nachoes and homemade potato chips as she waited for her plane.  And I was with my husband, and she was going home to hers.  Which is the way it should be.  But that didn’t stop us from renacting the scene in “The Color Purple” where Celie and her sister Nettie are ripped apart and Nettie screams “Why!!”, and they tearfully do their old hand game “Me and you, us never part” through the air. But when we do it (like today as she walked through the security line), we burst into laughter.  But it’s true.  Getting married has changed our priorities, but not our love for each other.  Me and her, us never part.

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