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Would you be “Married By Mom and Dad?” Probably not. But maybe….

by SweetMidlife


This is Leslie, and as you might have read, I was married until about five months ago, and then, completely involuntarily, I was suddenly not. (He was awesome but he passed away. It’s a whole thing. Read HERE for the sad story I don’t feel like telling over right now, because we were having so much fun, weren’t we?)

I’m only 44 years old, so I imagine that at some point I’ll hopefully meet some other suitable man – Unlike before I met my husband, I’ve got standards now! – but am still feeling so married to my other guy, and so weary of the whole prospect of falling back into the rancid sinkhole that was my pre-marriage Internet dating situation, that I’ve told my friends that when the time is right they’re gonna have to shake the trees and introduce me to someone. (Someone good. Again, I’ve got standards now!) I know now what a good marriage is supposed to be, and in what ways I’d gotten in my own way when looking the last time. I trust my amazing and brutally, brutally honest village of friends to steer me in the right direction.

But the question that TLC’s “Married By Mom and Dad” asks is whether a modern woman or man would let someone else – their parents, specifically – not only steer you in the right direction, but pick the destination, park the car, carry you up the stairs, select the room and then lock you inside with a key you don’t have a copy of. Four singles – Mitch, Marivic, John and Christina – allow  their folks to narrow down a list of potential matches, meet them, winnow them down some more and then suggest they marry. The situations vary – all of them are between their mid-20s and early 30s, never married and with different expectations. Marivic is a nurse who lives at home and seems, honestly, brattier and less cool than her parents. Mitch is a super-pretty Ken doll wine rep, whose dad and stepmom have reluctantly teamed with his mom, who they all went to high school with (!) to find him a woman. John, like Marivic, is sort of a blur when compared to his outsized, outdoorsy parents, and Christina comes off kind of lame and immature, honestly.

The show reminds one instantly of “Married At First Sight,” another reality show about people leaving their romantic decisions up to someone else, except here that someone else is not the parents who raised and know you, but some complete strangers who do science math calculation situations to find you a match. And the stakes are way higher – at least with mom and dad, you get to meet the person before saying “I do” – but here you don’t meet your spouse until you’re at the altar, and then you’re in a legally binding marriage that’s not annul-able (the scientists seem practically giddy when they say that, like “What you gonna do now, girl? WHATUGONNADO?”). This of course leads to panic and drama and ridiculousness that makes great TV and horrible real life.

The producers of “Married At First Sight” maintain that they are a more scientific and therefore better version of traditional arranged marriage, but I think they’re full of this. This is like letting that EHarmony algorithm and the dude in the commercials with the glasses do your profile, have all the conversations online and then drive you to the wedding, and after you sign the release, because you’re an idiot, there’s nothing to do but settle in for the discovery and the humiliation. I actually prefer “Maried By Mom and Dad,” even though I cannot fathom a moment where I’d let, say, my mom and my Uncles Lester and Andre arrange my marriage. I can’t imagine what that person would look like, talk like, do for a living or explore in his spare time, but I know one thing – the pickers in question love me. They saw my heart break this year and would never throw me at some person they did not truly believe would be a great fit not only with me, but with my family, my culture and my life.

Understand: YOU GIRL IS NEVER GOING ON “MARRIED BY MOM AND DAD.” But I can see why one would. One who is not me.

Another chance to work out your in-law issues on TV!!

by SweetMidlife

So a little bit ago, we passed on a notice we got from a casting agency looking for married couples who have some issues with their in-laws, and who are willing to work with a professional relationship expert to sort those issues out on a new show on A&E Network. Well, they are still looking! Check out the casting notice below AND see the part about the $10,000 you get for participating. Happy reconciling!!

Powerful New A&E Series Is Now Casting Former Brides or Brides To Be Who Need Help With An In-Law! $10K

In-laws: most people have them. ..and sometimes, they can be a whole lot more than a couple bargained for. A&E Network shines a light on young couples – married or unmarried – dealing with disapproving in-laws as they try to make peace with the help of an unconventional, no-nonsense relationship expert in this original real-life series.

“A ground-breaking new series that explores the complex relationships between married couples and their in-laws.”

Are you struggling to maintain a relationship with a disapproving in-law?

Is your relationship with your in-law coming between you and your fiance/spouse?

Do you want to try and repair this relationship before a big event in your life? (i.e. wedding, baby, etc.)

A&E can help!

If you’re ready to repair your relationship with an in-law before it’s too late, we want to hear from you! Families who appear on the show will have the opportunity to work with a professional relationship expert who will help them to identify their issues and make positive strides toward building a better relationship. Families who appear on the show will receive professional family counseling. Families will also receive a $10,000 financial honorarium as a “thank you” for their time and commitment to the show. There is also a finder’s fee for anyone who nominates a family who makes the show.

To apply, please email us with your name, contact information, a brief description of your current in-law situation and a family photo to:


212.564.2607 x 2365

Waiting? Getting Married? Like TV Cameras?

by SweetMidlife

Hi Peeps!!

So a few months ago, we ran a post where I talked about being a virgin until I was 39, when I then got married, and wasn’t a virgin anymore. Hee.  I got really, really cool messages and stories from people on all sides that issue, and I thank you all for your feedback and insight!

It turns out that our post was also seen by a production company who is doing a show about couples who decide to wait until they are married to have sex.   They are on the look-out for currently-engaged couples who fit that description and would love to tell their story on TV!! See below for the actual production announcement and contact info! Spread the word!!

Happy Tv-ing!!

Brides at 35



A Seattle based production company is looking for engaged couples who are waiting to be intimate until their wedding night to star in a new wedding show pilot for a major television network.  We are casting for virgin couples willing to share what’s behind their choice to wait,  let us share in the experience of their wedding and speak candidly about their upcoming nuptials (and wedding night).

This demo will not air on television but will be used to try and sell the concept, so we are looking for very outgoing and open people.

Please contact me directly if you are interested!

Anna Rodzinski


Hey Brides! Got Broken Relationships? Repair them (and be on TV)!

by SweetMidlife

So, you’re a bride planning your wedding, and your plans are going great.  Dress? Check. Reception Venue? Check. Mom coming?  Not so much.  It might be a parent, or a sister, or a best friend, but there’s someone you cared for who has fallen out of your life, and you think your wedding wouldn’t be complete without them being there.

What to do. what to do? We have an idea!!

We heard about a new reality show called “Mending Fences” that seeks to reunite brides with the estranged people in their lives, just in time for the big day.  Below is the official press release from the casting people!  We send our blessings if you throw your hat in the ring (and by all means, let us know if you do).

Happy Reunion!

Compelling New TV Series Is Reaching Out To Brides-To-Be Who Want To Reconcile With An Estranged Loved One Before The Big Day!

Have you and a family member been torn apart by a long-standing rift?

Have you gone years without speaking?

Are you a bride-to-be who wants to take the first step toward reconciling with an estranged family member before your big day?

Has your upcoming wedding and future marriage changed your outlook on your broken relationship?

Would you like to ask this person to be there to support you on your wedding day?

Breakthrough Entertainment is currently casting a brand new series for a Major International Women’s Network. “Mending Fences” is a compelling one-hour documentary-style series that will be dedicated to working one-on-one with family members who desperately want to repair their broken relationships. We’re reaching out to brides-to-be because often times, a life-changing event (like a wedding) can make even the largest rifts seem less significant and may even inspire the courage to reach out to an estranged family member after years or silence. On this series, family members will work with Janet Morrison, a well-respected and dedicated Family Mediator, who will be there to lend support, encourage honest conversation and ultimately, give family members the chance to reconcile and start again.

If you live anywhere within a two-hour flight of Toronto and want to learn more about this exciting opportunity, we want to hear from you! Please include a description of yourself, the family member with whom you’re feuding and the issues plaguing your relationship, along with a recent photo (Don’t forget to include your contact information!). This is a five-day (non-consecutive) filming commitment and participants must be willing to travel and share their stories on television. Each participant will receive a $3500 financial honorarium as a “thank you” for their time and commitment.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Danielle Gervais
Casting Director, Breakthrough Entertainment
Ph. 646.678.4999

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