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5 Things I Drew For My Kid This Week

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here!!

Okay, so this has been an emotional week, with some sadness in it, but also joy. And a lot of that joy comes from time with my husband and son. And since I spend most of my time with the little boy, that’s a lot of joy. Currently, he loves crayons, and drawing on paper and also walls, but he also loves handing us crayons and pens and requesting that we draw things. Now, I am not a good visual artist. I am a pretty bad one. I can draw an impressive bunch of balloons, because circles and strings and colors and they look awesome. But that is most of my bag of tricks. Somehow, though, my son thinks that I have skills, and requests things both simple, like rainbows, but also Batman. I cannot draw Batman. But he gets all giggly and happy when we try so I put crayon to paper and something comes out, and he loves it, even though these things look, to my 40-something eyes, a bit whackadoodle. But what do I know?

Here is some of the artwork commissioned by my toddler client. It looks like he drew it. But I did. But he loved it, so that is what matters, right? Stop laughing.

1. A Firetruck20141203_103004

This one actually looks decent. I followed a YouTube video called “How To Draw Fire Engine”. I actually looked at this later and it still looked like what it was supposed to. I can’t say that about everything I draw.

2.  A Bunch of Stuff20141203_102506

This is a buffet of weird draw-rings. I said “draw-rings”.You remember Mike Myers on “SNL” used to do this sketch called “Simon” about a little boy who liked to draw, based on a British show that Captain Kangaroo used to show? He used to say “draw-rings”. That was funny. But anyway, back to this picture. From left to right are: A bumblebee, balloons, a robot, and Iron Man. The bee looks confused. The balloons are a masterpiece. The robot is scary. And Iron Man looks like he is melting. And sad. Sad Melting Iron Man.

3. A Choo-Choo Train20141203_103358I looked up another You Tube video, and found one of this lady drawing her son a simple choo-choo. That kid loved his and so did mine. Thank goodness. Below that my son added what I will call “Squiggle”. Looks good.

4. A drummer playing drums. 20141203_103839My son loves the drums, and asks to see “Eela E” videos (he means Sheila E) and he asked for me to draw some percussion. If the cavemen drew a drum set, maybe it would look like this. I dunno.

5. Bubbles and a trash truck20141205_091622Those circles at the top are supposedly bubbles, although I thought they looked like a disease. Below that is a trash truck. I will say that it is carrying paper. Or a dragon.

So, I am not the best artist. But toddlers have big imaginations and bigger hearts, and this kid clapped and grinned at what I saw as pitiful, because he loves ME. And because he was into it, I was into it, so he loved what came out of it. Accept that people who love you see past what you see as lack, and just want your time. They just want YOU. Draw on.

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