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Dishes and Such

by SweetMidlife

HI! This is Lynne. We haven’t blogged in three months because other stuff. But I have been writing stuff on Facebook that would make good blog posts, and we have a blog, so I am using it. May not be deep. But writing out whatever it is will be cool.

So this has been a busy week and our dishes kind of piled up. And this morning I had the time to actually wash them. And I feel better. It would be nice to never go to bad with dishes still in your sink, like my grandma does. But I haven’t been able to do that consistently. So maybe every night it won’t happen. But that thing should not be soaking a whole week. Because if it’s that dirty, throw it away.

Dishes that got did. Good.

But sometimes things need to soak. I was getting all excited about getting everything done but there was ONE cup for the Magic Bullet that had stubborn blueberry stains in it, soI was thwarted and had to soak it. I love that word. Thwart. It sounds diabolical. The Magic Bullet cup thwarted it. But I did wash out this Tupperware thing that had chickpea flour in it. So that was a victory. Take that, Magic Bullet cup! That is your future.

My current nemesis. But we good.

So I was almost finished the dishes, and I was finishing up loading the dishwasher, and I could not open it all the way to put the last few things in it because something was stuck. So that was a whole thing trying to figure out what was stuck, and trying to bend low enough to see it and try to reach my hand back and move it. But I figured it out. And I feel like I have accomplished something.


So now the dishes are going in the dishwasher, and the cup is soaking, and the dishes I hand-washed are drying. I have done what I can do there for now. And there is a satisfaction in that. But I still need to continue to eat, so this is a temporary victory. But that’s life. Doing the work. Enjoying the fruits of the work. Doing the work again. And enjoying. And remembering when you are doing one that the other fuels that.

Dishwashers Full of Clean Dishes Mean Opportunity. Go With Me on This.

by SweetMidlife
Put them away and eat already.

Put them away and eat already.

Happy Monday! Lynne here.  I want to be honest and say that I have written blog posts like the one I am about to write before, but since this is an ongoing theme in my life, I am gonna continue to talk about it, until I figure it out. Which might happen one day.

Yesterday morning, our family spent the morning at home, and my husband made waffles and fried apples and everyone was happy. I decided to contribute while all of the breakfast-making was happening by moving dirty dishes towards the sink, but then I opened the dishwasher and realized that it hadn’t been run yet. And that made me feel happy. Giddy, actually. This is because something about a dishwasher of unclean dishes makes me feel free, because it means that I still have time to dirty stuff up without having to work. Because a dishwasher full of clean dishes means having to put them away. Dirty dishes means delay. And this appeals to me.

I love putting things off. I do. Oh, I am aces at researching, and figuring out what I am going to do, and where we can go on vacation, and in looking up recipes, and looking up blogging themes, and grant opportunities. I am good at seeing what is out there, and planning. But I am not often as good at the follow-through. At the actual doing. I am getting better at this. But when I am not,  that leads to lots of bookmarked web pages and placed calls, and looking forward to things, but no actual forward movement. That means stagnation. And dirty dishes. Real life happens in the places in between. When you have actually written and cooked and actually have dishes to eat off of, and you aren’t using spoons where you need a fork because none of your forks are clean.

So, today, I am going to cut back on some of the dreaming and the planning, and actually continue with the finishing of stuff. Because I owe it to myself to actually use the chances and time that I have been given and not let it go to waste. And so do you. And because it’s almost lunch time, and I can’t just eat straight off the table.

What are you putting off that you need to do? Tell us below!

The Crud on the Pot

by SweetMidlife


Lynne here. I made rice on the stove yesterday, and it did not go well. First, it cooked faster than I thought it would, and it burned. Inedible. Then, when I picked up the pot to scrape out the sad remainder of rice stuck to the inside, I saw that there was something white burned on the outside. The only thing I can see is that the pot got so hot, that the cereal box sitting on the counter next to the stove, not even touching it, overheated too, and the white was part of the box. So weird. So thankful that it didn’t start a fire. I tried to scrape some of the crud off, but it didn’t budge so I put the pot in water to soak the inside, and I left it in the sink, then put it in the dishwasher before I went to bed.

This morning, I woke up feeling uneasy. I have a full day ahead of me, with really good things, but it is going to be long. And I felt discouraged as soon as I woke up. Then every insecurity I have just piled on on top of that. Wonderful. After praying with and talking to my husband, I felt better. Encouraged.

I got up and went downstairs and decided to unload the dishwasher, and I found Sad Pan of the Dead Rice.  It looked worse than it did yesterday, with more gunk inside than I noticed, and none of the burned yuck on the outside had budged. I almost tossed it, because I didn’t feel like scraping off more crud. But we don’t have money like that to be tossing stuff without making a bigger effort, so I grabbed the scrubber and gave it a try. And the crud started to come off. The more I scrubbed, the cleaner the pan got. And I realized that this pan was a continuation of my earlier encouragement. Let’s not give up on our day, ourselves, our efforts, before we even begin. Get out your scrubber, and scrape off the bad stuff, and it will, I hope, come off, bit by bit, until you are clean and ready to get cooking again. Don’t throw away a perfectly good pan, or day, or opportunity, without a fight.


There’s A Sink At the Bottom of That Pile of Dishes.

by SweetMidlife


Lynne here.

I don’t like doing dishes.  I like dirtying them.  But there is a mental block in my head about washing them. It is, of course, necessary, and for the most part, we try to keep on top of them. But every once in awhile, something happens that causes a back load of plate, bottles and such, and that happened at my house a few days ago.  I had a really bad headache, and after cooking dinner and taking care of the baby and me, my husband wasn’t able to finish the dinner dishes, which joined the dishes from the weekend that we didn’t quite get to.  So yesterday morning, I approached the piles of stuff spilling out of the sink onto the counters and the stove with, umm, less than eagerness to start chipping away at them.  But we had no bowls, so I took a deep breath and did it. And the piles started to go down.  And the kitchen started to look better.  And when it was done, I could breathe. And I could see that there was actually a sink there where all of those dishes had been.

So, you can take this as a metaphor for chipping away at the big issues that stand towering over you in your life, and that if you take it one bit a time, they go away in manageable chunks. Or you could have a sink that you can’t see for the dishes, or a desk that you can’t see for the piles of paper (I have one of those), or a backseat of your car that you can’t see for the fast food bags.  Whatever your mountains, literally or figuratively, know this.  You don’t have to be a slave to them. You can get through them, one plate, one day, one piece of paper, one moment at a time.  You just have to start.

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