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Leslie’s “Yoga Every Day” Challenge: I can watch “This is Us” during yoga, right?

by SweetMidlife

I may have been watching a beloved fictional man die a heroic death while doing this yoga video. Or not. But probably.

Mondays always seem like a good time to start a challenge or a new thing, at least to me. There are theories for and against this logic, and of every diet or new habit I ever started on a Monday stuck, I’d have a body like Serena Williams, my room would be amazingly clean and I wouldn’t be stepping around shoes flung carelessly in a pile in the middle of the night.

I am still making my bed. Of course, I started that on a Saturday, so who knows?

Anyway, one of the things I have long tried to do in my life is a daily yoga practice. I’m not rich, nor do I have a nanny or an infinite amount of time, so I can’t go to either of the beloved studios within walking distance of my house every day, or even more than once in a blue moon. This is where Gaia.com, an online community chock full of yoga, lifestyle, spiritual and other videos, comes in (and no, this is not a paid post. There is no financial renumeration for what I’m writing, and I pay for my membership like everyone else.

There are offerings from beginner to advanced, and I’d say I’m a semi-advanced beginner. Perhaps not an absolute beginner, as David Bowie might say, but absolutely in the beginner-I-might-need-a-block-and-yes-this-is-as-far-as-I-bend zone. The Gaia people make it easy for us block-users, however, with some series that are geared to put you in the practice of having a practice. My favorite is “Yoga Every Day,” of which there are currently 358 episodes that run just 15-20 minutes. The site selects one of these for me a day, and since I keep forgetting to do it, I haven’t yet had the same one twice. This is a problem I’d like to have, honestly.

So since it’s Monday, and again, that seemed like a good time to do this, I am challenging myself to do one of these videos everyday for the next 30 days. They aren’t long, I can do them from my brand new yoga mat (also, incidentally, made by Gaia, and I bought that with my own cash, too) and they start my day in a good way because they make me do SOMETHING.

This morning’s was titled “Santosha,” the Sanskrit word for contentment, which at this point of great potential change in my life seems really appropriate. For me, it means that I hope that big things are coming for me, but that I am praying for contentment in my current state and appreciation and contentment in whatever those changes are. The teacher is Steph Schwartz, who I like because she has a calm voice and plays the accordion to start the class. It’s cool. I like her words about intent and peace, and know that she probably didn’t mean me to be playing last night’s “This Is Us” On Demand as I did this practice. But my DVR cut off the end and I only have so much time before my kid wakes up, so…Sorry, Steph.

I’m gonna be better. I have 30 days!

Glass half full, dead car all paid for, and sun still shining

by SweetMidlife

Leslie here!

So yesterday I Western Unioned (is that a word?) my final $230 payment on my 2007 Scion from a local Publix grocery store.

“Congratulations!” the sweet customer service lady said, beaming. “I’m so jealous! I have three more years for mine.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that 48 hours earlier, that car’s engine was flooded in crazy roiling waters in a street that had become a river in the middle of a two-hour rainstorm, and that it was most likely dead.

Meaning that there are probably more car payments in my future.

So why was I smiling?

If you’ve read this blog, you might know that my sister and I and our family have been through some stuff in the last little while. Our dad died. Our granddaddy died. My mother-in-law and Bubie-in-law died. There have been family illnesses and all manner of drama. We’re trying to move soon. The summer travel season and its corresponding stresses loom large. I’m still not skinny. Wine still tastes good.

And yet….

There is something about crisis that gives you a laser-sharp discernment about what’s a real crisis and what isn’t. I probably lost my car. But I was safe, which wasn’t a guarantee. I was rescued by a nice cop who sat behind me with his lights on so I wouldn’t get hit, a tow truck driver who showed up earlier than I thought and my husband who took me to get French fries. My insurance is paying for a rental for a whole month. The process to determine whether or not my car’s repairable is going fast and efficiently.

And that’s awesome. It’s not awesome that it happened. But I choose to focus on the positive, like not being hit in the road, or that if I have to get a new car, I might be handed money to help pay for a new one, since we were considering replacing it later this year anyway.

I am a fan of new beginnings, particularly in the light of some of the crappiness of recent times. I also ultimately believe in the glass being half full. Why not? That means you already drank half a glass of it, and there’s half more deliciousness to go.

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