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Black Jewish Chrismukkah Part Two: The tree-ing!

by SweetMidlife

jewish tree

Leslie here!

Here’s a quick one, because we’re in the last lap of our Holidaypalooza – this year kind of snuck up on me, which is ridiculous since no one in the world other than mail carriers and pre-school teachers who do crafts should be more attuned to the holiday schedule than a Features reporter for a newspaper. It’s been non-stop holiday stories and blogs and Tweets and whatnot since Thanksgiving, but when my husband suggested we both take the day off Friday to finish our shopping since it was the last weekend, I was like “No it’s not!….Wait…what?”

So on our trips around the greater South Florida area on the the holiday tip, we ran across the cutest thing – I think it was on “Shark Tank,” a show I am trying to create a fabulous invention just to get onto. Anyway it’s a Hanukkah tree topper, a Star of David instead of a traditional tree star. And it was a no-brainer. We also have the menorah (read of the road to finding it here) so this just adds to it! What do you think? The kid we live with likes it. And if our cat were still alive, she’d vow on her nine lives to get to it and destroy it because it makes us happy. Because annoying the humans is like cat Christmas.

Go You! It’s Your Birthday!

by SweetMidlife

I wrote a thing a few weeks ago about things you never, ever get too old for, like Easter baskets.  So, here is another one.

Last week, Leslie and I (for anyone reading this blog for the first time, it is written by twin sisters) turned 41, and we each celebrated in our own special ways.  I took myself out to lunch and read a good book on my new Kindle (thanks, husband), and that night, we enjoyed the free birthday pizza and a free birthday movie rental because I signed up for various and sundry things.  Then I went home and watched “The Muppets”. And Leslie spent the day enjoying a beachfront hotel with her husband and friends (that’s how the South Floridians do it).  We both freaking enjoyed ourselves.  We come from a birthday-appreciating family. One of my aunts used to celebrate 1 day for every year she was old.  We do birthday dinners. We buy gifts. We dig birthdays.

So obviously, in my opinion, you never get too old to celebrate your birthday.  Maybe you take the day off, or maybe you go to dinner, or you go on vacation, or you rent a Redbox, or your kids take you to McDonald’s.  It doesn’t really matter WHAT you do, or where you go, or if you go anywhere.  But in my opinion,  it’s an awesome time to celebrate you, and the blessing it is to be alive for another year.  And if it’s your friends or family members who are celebrating, it’s a cool time to acknowledge that you are glad they are here by calling, or even sending out a FB message.  All that to say, we get so freaking busy we don’t take the time to slow down and revel in the birthday-ness of it all, and that’s a shame.  I am giving you permission, if you don’t do it at any other time,  to just take some time when your date of birth next rolls around and just do you, whatever that means.  You deserve it.

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