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Stuff going through my mind while working out: How can you be back when you were never here before?

by SweetMidlife
Seriously, I know him. I like him and he always remembers me. But his lyrics confused me while working out this morning and now it’s in my head. Seriously, I know him.

Thing running through Leslie’s head this morning while trying to dull the pain of a killer workout this morning and trying not to cry:

“‘Ice Ice Baby'” is a kick-butt gym song, but what did he mean ‘Ice is back with a brand new edition?’ That was his first song! Where was he back from? Rolling in his 5.0? You have to have been here before you’re back! What’s going on? And while I’m sweaty and insane and beginning to lose feeling in my arms, what the hey ho was with ‘Backstreet’s back?’ I know they were back from Europe, where they were more popular first than here at home, but why release a single subtitled ‘Backstreet’s Back’ when nobody ever missed you in the first place? I know I’m not the first person to ever ask this question, but I can’t breathe and I’m starting to see spots and stars and stripes and Sam the Eagle from ‘The Muppets’ and they’re all laughing at me because I now can’t remember the alphabet and my legs are mad at me for existing. But much love, Ice. Seriously. Much love. Also seriously…why can’t I breathe?”

2 Responses to “Stuff going through my mind while working out: How can you be back when you were never here before?”

  1. malauney@hotmail.com' Ms M says:

    I totally agree! I just need to go somewhere in the first place, so I can then “Be Back!”

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