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Lynne here!


This summer I joined a Bible study at a church not far from my house that I found after Google-ing “Bible study, (my city), summer, childcare”.  It was a 6-week, once a week study of about 8 women who I had never met, and they were all different ages and in different life situations (ages ranged from 20’s-80’s, some of us are married, some divorced, some widowed, some with kids, and some without). And it was lovely. Even though I missed half of the sessions (summer happens, and so do naps and bug bites over your kid’s eye that swell), those ladies made me feel right at home.  The study ended, but one of the ladies hosted a tea last week at her home for us.


It turns out that this lady, who is in her 80’s, lives on and owns a property with her husband that her children also live on in different houses, and one of those houses is a bed and breakfast that her daughter owns and runs. This is where we had our tea, and it was restful and magical and lovely. And scones. Yummier than that, though, was the conversation. Before she gave us a tour of the place, our hostess gave us younger folks some really good advice, and it was this…

As you go through your life, and get older, you should write down all of the important things that happen to you, because when you get to be in your 80’s, you won’t remember it all. And that it shouldn’t be just pictures, although pictures are great. You should write down the event, but also how it made you feel, so you remember the emotions too. Plus, writing down things that you have come through gives you encouragement so if you go though it again, you can say, “Oh, God and I already conquered that situation. It’s not impossible. He and I can do it again.” It was really, really smart. Then someone else in the group said that they gave their grandparents both blank books for Christmas, and asked them to fill them out with their memories, and to then give them back to her as a gift.

Isn’t that cool? I know that the stories that I have heard from my grandparents and great aunts and parents have given me a fuller picture of who they are/were, but has also given me more background into MY story. If you have older people around you who can tell you stuff, sit them down and soak it in. Write it down so you remember. And collect your thoughts to share with your own kids or nieces and nephews or anybody else you care about. What a wonderful gift.

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  1. what great advice! hopefully we will pass along our blogs to our children and grandchildren and we can relive the nostalgia of our former years.

    • bride35 says:

      Thanks Catherine! What a great thought that we can share what we blog with future generations. This is also conviction for me that I should be proud of what I write and that it should be true to who I am if people are gonna read it. Good stuff.

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