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Song you have to help me stop singing: “Your Lips Are Moving” by Meghan Trainor

by SweetMidlife
Get. It. Out.

Get. It. Out.

Leslie here! You know the term “ear worm,” that means a song that you just can’t get out of your head because it’s burrowed itself into your brain so deep that you can’t untangle it from your gray matter? Why do those things tend to be really annoying? Why are they songs you don’t even like all that much? Why why why why?

The latest audible irritation to worm its way into my head is “You Lips Are Moving,” a Meghan Trainor pop thingee that’s currently featured in ABC’s promos for its summer show “The Astronaut Wives’ Club.” I guess it’s because the show is set in the ’60s, and the song, although current, has that same “bop-sho-wop” vibe that pretty much all of Trainor’s hits do. If it ain’t broke, I guess…

When I first saw the ad, I assumed they were just playing the appropriately retro instrumental parts, but then I heard Trainor’s boppy, drawling voice singing “I know you’re lyin’, your lips are moo-vahn…” and thus began the worming. I don’t get it. First of all, I no like that song. It’s twee, and not even in a fun way, at least not to me. Also, this show is supposed to be about ordinary women thrust onto the national stage because their hero husbands were literally venturing into space. This is about bravery and celebrity and how life changes in an instant. It is NOT about people who are so snaky that you know they’re lying because their lips are moving. Hey, promo people…WORDS MEAN THINGS. And when the words associated with your show are about snaky lying liars, and your show is about the opposite…well, fire whoever picked that song.


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