with Lynne and Leslie

So this is Christmas: You are the gift that keeps on giving, and stuff

by SweetMidlife



What’s inside? You! I mean, not in a creepy “We trapped you in a box” way. It’s metaphors, y’all

Leslie here, although I have the rare pleasure of sitting next to Lynne as I write this for we are together as a family in Sweet Midlife Central, located either the Mid-Atlantic region, Narnia or what ever “Scandal” version of D.C. it is where political prisoners have instant access to Brazilian blowouts and thousand dollar coats. Because we want to live there.

The journey of this blog has been a twisty, awesome one – we started as a voice for women getting married in their later 30s and older, older than the traditional bride but still wanting to hear stories, know about products and see confirmation that she existed. The more life handed us after the “I do!” portion of the situation, we knew that we wanted to expand our focus on a full life lived after the marketing demos tell you you’re washed up, whether those gifts we were being handed were kids, men, new jobs, loss, unwanted poundage or even a cupcake when we didn’t expect one. (Unexpected cupcakes are the best because you can tell the calorie counter in your head that you can’t refuse a gift! What are we, Gremlins?)

Anyway, you, dear reader, whoever you are, are a giant wrapped bow of a thing, because it has been so great and validating to know that we weren’t the only old brides, older moms (in Lynne’s case), awkward nail polishers or observers of weird weirdness in the universe. You are our Blind Melon’esque Bee Girl Colony, whoever you are, and we are pleased to twirl in the meadow with you. It’s not that we don’t look ridiculous. It’s that we look ridiculous together.

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