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Simple unexpected pleasures: Yummy creamy lemon yogurt

by SweetMidlife

Notice the tell-tale yogurt on the finger.

Leslie here!!

I’m no Jamie Lee Curtis, shilling the curdled dairy products for fun and profit. But I do enjoy a cup of yogurt, particularly whatever brand is on sale at Publix that week and is available in a non-contaminated batch (sorry about that, usually delicious Chobani!)

I’ve never, however, enjoyed lemon yogurt much, because it doesn’t seem so much a flavor as a flavor ingredient that’s supposed to have an “&” between it and something more interesting. But this Yoplait Greek, which has 100 calories or 2 Pts, for those of us who speak Weight Watchers, is incredibly flavorful, with a smoothness that doesn’t erode once you’ve mixed it with your spoon. It’s tart, but, again, smoothly.

It’s just yogurt, but it’s calming, like a cup of really good tea. I don’t know why I’m so jacked about it…Yes, I do. It’s because I pulled the shiny foil off a cup of yogurt I was sure I’d thrown in the hand basket by mistake and had decided to gut through, and finished it by poking under the folds of the lid with my spoon to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind.

It was an unexpected pleasure. I love when that happens.


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