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Running up that hill: starting all over again

by SweetMidlife
That is 2005 Marathon Lynne on the left, her fierce twin on the right.    That is our friend Funnel T. Cake on the plate.

Us in 2005, fiercely fierce with the fierceness.

Leslie here!

My fabulous sister wrote a really great post a few weeks back  http://sweetmidlife.com/?p=2714 about how the 2014 version of herself was just as fierce, in a different way, than the sleek marathon-running 2005 version, and about how she was embracing the earlier Lynne’s ability to crush it by figuring out how New Lynne can do that and still live her current life.

I read that intently as we are twins and were at similar levels of crush at 34, and have similar interest in re-crushing it at 43. We also both really love running, not just for its weight loss possibilities, but because it’s transformative mentally and spiritually. I love yoga, but I have meditated more deeply, more truly while sweating and pounding on a path by the water with the sun coming up than I ever have in a darkened room with quiet intonations and cymbal-y music. Maybe I’m just weird or a glutton for punishment.

Or maybe it’s the rhythm of your heart, that’s beating like a drum (thanks, Rod Stewart!) to the time of your feet, to your breath, to the water and the sky. And even though you’re in pain, and your muscles are screaming at you, and you’re noticing that you’re running past the home of a friend who would surely drive you home….you keep running. You NEED to run. Or shuffle. Or crawl. You gotta get there. The rhythm demands it.

Anyway, I want back in. I started running again, just 20 minutes at a time, a few weeks ago, and I find that I crave it. I plan to run a 5K – my first race in nearly three years – in December, and I’m thrilled and terrified all together (thrillified? terried?) This is my running morning, and as I write this and drink the green juice of repentance for what I ate this weekend, I find myself imagining the things I’m gonna see as I run – the mothers pushing strollers, the pretty houses with “For Sale” signs, the little details I never notice when I’m driving. And I’m hungry for it…certainly hungrier than I am for his green juice. But it’s all a part of the run.

And I’m ready. Who’s coming with me?

8 Responses to “Running up that hill: starting all over again”

  1. Awesome. I really need to start running. I have never been into it, but I would like to be.

  2. SweetMidlife says:

    Thank you Sarah!!! Get out there!

  3. bethgeis@gmail.com' Beth says:

    I’m coming with you! Let’s run! I am on a journey to lose 79 lbs – I’ve lost 7 so far ! We got this!

  4. jmerrell81@gmail.com' Joan Merrell says:

    Good for you! I have started getting more serious about getting back into shape, too. Although, running is not my “thing” … it’s my sister’s “thing” though. I prefer hiking and swimming and dance. But to each his own, and I plan to use what I know and what I like to get back into better shape. Good luck to you, and I will keep checking back for more inspiration. 🙂

  5. cassie_nordenbrock@yahoo.com' Cassandra says:

    I love to hear you are running again. I used to be a runner and I can relate. Mostly walk now after knee injury. Would like to start again.

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