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Resolutions and Whatnot

by SweetMidlife

Our friends are brilliant. Today we have a guest post from Brother Sam. He is married to our Best Friend Nikki, so he is ours now. And he is okay with that.  It’s about resolutions and such.


A slightly different take on resolutions from Leslie… I realize I am mixing holiday traditions, but I have just gotten very Scrooge-ish about New Years resolutions. I grant you, I’ve never been particularly big on them, mostly because nobody, starting with me, follows through long term on them with any great success. This year, though, I am personally boycotting the resolution process with malice aforethought. Don’t get me wrong, the list of things I need to improve about myself is long and exhaustive, and the list of things I’m trying to improve, were I to itemize, includes a lot of that first list. There are also any number of people perfectly happy to
flesh out that list were I to forget anything…

Resolutions, though, are invariably about the future; “this coming year I will …” “I won’t…””No more…” “More and better…” . The problem is, the future is always a comfortable distance away. If it’s important enough to make a resolution, it’s important enough to just do, and do right now. The bigger and more fundamental the resolution, the more solidly in the future it gets, too.  “I’ll lose 20 pounds this year” is not a thing that’s gonna happen today, we all know this.

My moment of Zen came yesterday, and it involved diet. I am not an especially healthy eater at the best of times, and this holiday season is NOT the best of times. I have had the advantage all my life of being able to shed weight and put on muscle pretty easily if I buckle down and do the work, so I tend to take advantage of that and eat like a pig when I feel like it. So I was eating a doughnut yesterday and thought to myself,  “Self, this is not good. I am going to eat better and exercise in the New Year, no matter what.” And then I took another bite of the doughnut. Somewhere in mid swallow it struck me what a profoundly idiotic combination of
thoughts and actions I was having. I gave the rest of the doughnut to the dogs. I took the rest of the box to the neighbor a few doors down who is having low blood sugar issues, then walked around the neighborhood a few times. Today, I ate a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch, and am thawing fish to broil for dinner. I don’t know how long or how well I’ll stick to it, but if I had made the resolution, I would already have missed a day and a half of being a smidge healthier.

So as we start the New Year, don’t just think of all the stuff you want to do this year, think of what you can do this very second, and then, just do it.

4 Responses to “Resolutions and Whatnot”

  1. niknak411@yahoo.com' Best Friend Nikki says:

    Well…you coulda saved me the doughnut. Just sayin’…

  2. elewis1274@gmail.com' Liz says:

    Truth. I’ve caught myself with the same process and I’m trying to start acting on whatever it is I think I should start doing. “I’ll start taking the stairs instead of the elevator on monday…” Well, why not take them NOW? What is so special about tomorrow, or New Years day, or Monday or whatever that will make waiting to start a better option?

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