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Random yummy thing: Bananas

by SweetMidlife


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Leslie here!

My friend Stephanie was here this weekend, and as longtime girlfriends who have taken many vacations together, as well as people who used to be in and out of each others kitchens, it made sense that we’re really casual about food. We cook together, eat together and shop for food together. We wound up splitting the tab at Publix (that’s our grocery store) and it was cool to look at both baskets and know that whatever was left over from hers when she left would be something I’d like.

Which brings me to bananas.

There are very few foods that I straight up dislike, but as a kid, bananas were at the top of the list. Something about the consistency. I didn’t like the tendency of mushiness, or the brown spots. They seemed to easy to damage and get icky, so I didn’t want any parts of them. I also have weird flashbacks to banana milk, something we used to have in Saudi Arabia as kids, and which for some reason makes me think about coughing it out of my nose. I imagine this happened at some point, because why else would I have that thought? Am I weird or something?

I outgrew my banana hate eventually as a young adult – maybe I was broke and  at somebody’s house, and was offered one, which I likely took because, you know, broke people don’t turn down food. And it was glorious. I am not being fancy here. It was a complex experience – the firm bite that dissolved into softness, the fresh, distinctive smell, the sweet/savory mouth feel…

It was awesome. And I have loved them ever since, au natural for breakfast or a snack, in pancakes, on toast with peanut butter…however. And Steph left a few when she went home, so I’ve had the pleasure of cutting a whole ‘nanner into my cereal with almond milk and chowing down. I had a second one for lunch! It’s awesome! It’s healthy! It’s bananas! (Call Gwen Stefani!)

4 Responses to “Random yummy thing: Bananas”

  1. palmbradley@aol.com' Robbie says:

    Our little dogs love bananas. At our house, it’s a challenge to eat one without having to share it with a little furry person.

  2. bride35 says:

    That’s so cool!!!

  3. that’s so funny, i have a love/hate relationship with bananas as well. i don’t really like them by themselves, but i love them with chocolate. i also like banana ice-cream. but who doesn’t love ice-cream, regardless of flavor?

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