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Random Stories of Tired

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here.

I'm coming, bed.

I will be up in a minute, bed.

So, if you don’t read our blog regularly, it’s written by a pair of twin sisters, Leslie (the other one) and Lynne (this one right here). We take turns writing, and although our plan is to alternate regularly, there are times when one of us writes for weeks before the other one is able to write. Leslie wrote twice last week, and we had exactly two posts that week, because I had just gotten back from vacation and was adjusting to being back and it didn’t happen.

So, this has been a busy day so far, and I promised I was going to write today, and it’s 10pm EST, and I am really exhausted, and I have to figure out what turkey craft we are doing at Playgroup tomorrow morning, and I should get my husband’s pants out of the dryer before they get all crinkly again, but I also want to live up to what I told my sister, so I will tell you a random story about me being tired and staying up later than I needed to. And that was probably due also to busy but also to time management.

So I think it was 1992, and that is was spring semester finals of my junior year, and I was scrambling and totally staying up all night to cram for exams. And I think that I went to IHOP or Perkins and drank like 5 cups of coffee. Then we stopped at the Super Fresh grocery store and I bought a 2 liter of Coca Cola and drank half out of the bottle. And I was successfully awake most of the night, maybe sleeping an hour. And I remember walking to my first exam of the day, through the woods that were on my campus, and I saw a bunny, and seriously was talking to it. Like, I knew I was so hyped up, and I stood outside of myself and thought, “Dude, calm it down.” But the bunny looked lonely. So I think I took one exam, then stopped at my mailbox, and my mom had sent me a care package for finals, and it had a pound of Twizzlers in it, and I ate most of it. And then I sat down for my last exam and started to crash during the test, and I had to go to the school store and get another soda. And I think that my Uncle picked me up to go home for the end of the semester and I slept for a whole day.

So, I have stuff to get done now, and I have traded getting sugared-up watching recorded episodes of The Voice to keep me awake tonight. Which is better for everyone. But I got stuff to do, and I will finish it, and then go to bed. And the crash will be smoother.

That was random. But it is where I am tonight. Sweet dreams, and sleep well. The next thing I write will make more sense.

4 Responses to “Random Stories of Tired”

  1. kromaine@fastmail.fm' Jill says:

    YES! ‘Cause sometimes random stories of tired are the best!

  2. SweetMidlife says:

    Thank you Jill! I was so tired I don’t even remember writing parts of this.

  3. Sometimes the things we do when we are tired are insane. On Saturday at work I drank I can’t even tell you how much coffee because I was so exhausted and I feel like I just skated on through the day not really sure of what was going on. Hopefully you get some rest soon!!

    • SweetMidlife says:

      Isn’t that the crazy part? We sugar and caffeine up to get through, and we have no idea what happened while we were up!!! Thanks! I should be napping now but that didn’t happen. Will get to sleep on time tonight. Hope you get some rest, too!!

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