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Pregnant Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers deal: Too soon or good planning?

by SweetMidlife

Leslie here, otherwise known as the sister not currently with child. This also makes me the sister currently counting calories and trying to drop 25 pounds, partly because if I ever get pregnant, I wanna be skinny first.

Jessica Simpson, who, like my sister Lynne, is pregnant, has a plan, too. Her plan is not to keep the weight that she’s already gained during her current first pregnancy, and the weight she’ll probably continue to gain, any longer than she has to. So she’s going on Weight Watchers when she gives birth. Because she’s a celebrity, she’s lucky enough that Weight Watchers, who currently have Jennifer “Feeling Good” Hudson on the payroll, wants to pay her $3 million to lose weight with them.

I cannot think of one actual or potential mother who honestly didn’t want to lose their baby weight. It wasn’t their priority, and most of us aren’t Victoria’s Secret models before we get pregnant, so it’s not like we’re on a professional timeline for when we need to get back in our pre-baby clothes. But I’ve never met a mom who didn’t at some point, if she’d gained significant weight, think about when she was going to lose it, which is why WW offers a special program for moms.

And if they called any of those moms up and said “Hey Myrtle! Here’s $3 million to lose weight on our program,” Myrtle would sign that check. She would run it to her bank as the ink was drying, before somebody changed their minds. Because the only people I  can think of who don’t like free money are that baby on the Jimmy Fallon credit card commercials, and I’m not entirely sure he knew what he was saying, because he’s a baby and he can’t legally enter into contracts.

Heck, I’ve got weight I want to lose NOW, and, again, if anyone wants to cut me a check and pay for the program, and, as I am sure is the case with Jessica and Jennifer, provide me with a trainer and the wherewithal to hire cooks and minders and people to make my lazy butt stop eating, I will send you my phone number. This does not stop certain people in our society – I believe you call them haters? That’s it. Haters – from acting as if Jessica Simpson is planning to ask for a point counter the minute the umbilical cord is caught.

This is likely because:

– People like hating on Jessica Simpson on general principal;

– The Internet and the 24-7 celebrity “media” culture has given everyone a forum to express their opinions about the motivations of strangers, even beyond the information that those strangers have provided;

– People suck.

The general consensus of bloggers and writers seems to be that Jessica’s doing something cheap, anti-motherhood and hideous, while the consensus of readers seems to be…shut up, bloggers and writers! Even the ones that aren’t fans of Jessica’s talk about how great it would be to know when you were getting your body back as close as you could to the way it was – or smaller – and what a boon it would be if someone paid you for it. They say that the writers are coming up with excuses for why it’s wrong, either that she’s just a money-grubbing loser who hasn’t had a hit in a decade and wants to live off her neglect for her unborn child, or, once reminded that she’s worth a gizillion bucks from her handbag and shoe empire, think she’ s a moneygrubbing loser who doesn’t need the money.

And again…SHUT UP, IDIOTS.

This woman has been aplogizing for, answering questions about or ignoring questions about her weight ever since her career began. Yes, yes, she and her parents made that choice to be so public, and her “Newlyweds” show put everything about her life on display. So it’s hard to argue that people don’t have the right to expect a discussion about her weight, whether pregnant or not.

So who can blame this woman for wanting to make sure that she’s healthily losing weight soon after her pregnancy, because people are not gonna stop. So she might as well be skinny. And why shouldn’t she get paid? They have a product to sell, she’s gonna help them sell it. Mariah Carey did Jenny Craig to lose her baby weight. Do we really think that she didn’t have that deal in place before she gave birth? People gave Demi Moore grief for basically jumping out of the maternity room bed and working out. That’s the pressure that’s put on these people, and yeah, they put themselves in that position. But if you’re gonna judge them for trying to be in the shape we demand, don’t say anything when they don’t meet expectations.

I only hope that if I am ever pregnant, that some trainer won’t descend from the sky and train me for free. You know you do, too.

3 Responses to “Pregnant Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers deal: Too soon or good planning?”

  1. elewis1274@gmail.com' Liz says:

    Celebrities are in the business of selling themselves. Period end of sentence. This is no different than being paid to dye your hair with a particular brand of hair dye and appear on that commercial. I would object if she was making deals to exploit her new born, but she isn’t so who cares. Would I accept such a deal in her position? Darn Skippy!

  2. kristen_mom@yahoo.com' Kristen (aka KJ) says:

    After my first child, I joined a mommy’s group who all had our first babies within a month of each other. One of my friends did WW and got extra “points” because she was nursing. The weight didn’t come off overnight, but within a year, she lost 60 pounds and was a lean, mean pilates machine! I was extremly jealous, but very happy for her. I don’t see why it is any different for a celebrity. Jessica, YOU GO GIRL!!!

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