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Praying for Bieber

by SweetMidlife



Lynne here!

So, if you’ve read the news, you’ve seen that Pop Star Justin Bieber was arrested last night in Miami for drag racing a rented sports car through the streets, and for being drunk while doing it. Justin has been on a downward spiral as of late, doing everything from not taking care of his pet monkey to having drugs in his home. It’s been nuts. So of course, when this latest news came out, there were loud choruses of people shaking their heads, or openly criticizing, or asking for his deportation. And I was somewhere in there, too.

But then I read a status update on Facebook from my wise friend Tracey, who asked what would happen if all of those talking about Justin Bieber today would use that energy praying for him? And I felt really convicted. Because although he is a huge, huge star with lots and lots of money, he is somebody’s child. Now, even though he is only 19, he is still responsible for the things that he does, and shouldn’t be given different treatment than any other underage kid caught driving while intoxicated. Which means that he should also be given the same grace you would want if he was your child, who got caught doing what he shouldn’t in your Ford in Baltimore instead of in a Lambogrhini in South Florida. You would want prayer. You would ask for support. You would hopefully also be trying to counsel him, and give him advice, and warn him that no good can come out of what he’s doing or out of the way he seems to be headed. That he should take responsibility for his mistakes, pay whatever restitution he needs to (jail time, money, penance, whatever). But that there is hope for him if he does. And that you want the best for him. Even before he started acting this way, Justin Bieber attracted lots of haters, who seemed to be jealous of him simply because he was successful. That’s wrong. And with the latest turn of events, as his behavior as gotten more and more horrid, people have condemned him for things he HAS actually done. And I think that it is important that people, especially young ones, see even famous people be held responsible for their mess-ups, because it shows that no one is above civility or obeying the either the laws of decency or of the land.

But no one is above grace, either. No one is above hope. We want to write people off, say “I told you so”, and head off to adore/lift-up/wait for the downfall of the next big thing. Yes, Justin Bieber is experiencing a very, very public meltdown. But I am pulling for him. Not in a way that excuses his behavior. Not in a way that condones it. But in a way that hopes for and prays for this young man, and all young/old people who have headed in the wrong direction to start listening to wiser people, to get their heads out of their own nether-regions, and to start living up to what they can be. It’s not too late, Justin. Own up to your junk and turn it around. You can do it.

We are praying for you.

7 Responses to “Praying for Bieber”

  1. Melaniehoodwilson@gmail.com' Melanie says:

    You have a very, very pure soul, Lynne Evans Streeter Childress. I have disliked this young man for so long and have, I will admit it, been pleased to see his bad behavior finally reap consequences. However, you are all to correct that he is young and stupid as any of our own teenagers and is equally deserving of grace and prayer and maybe even redemption.

    • bride35 says:

      But Melanie, getting to and staying there is so hard. Right after I wrote that post, I read the details of what he said when he was arrested, and how disrespectful he was, and him posing on the car when he got out like he was hot crap. UGGGGH. And I wanted to throttle him. But then I thought, how much greater his story of redemption can be since he is acting like such a EWWW. The lowest of us need the most grace. And to pay for what he has done.

  2. bride35 says:

    Mel, this is the other Bride (Hey, bestie!) Lynne is, indeed, the better of us, because she sees these things so clearly and spiritually, and even she wants to throttle him. I think that sometimes brats confuse grace with permission, and that’s not what I want to put out there. I don’t know if he is in the position to accept grace, and the responsibility that comes with it. I hope he will be.

  3. lynne, i am a big fan of bieber as he raised money for the philippines during the typhoon disaster. i am rooting for him and praying for him.

  4. kgaines@jhu.edu' Kristen Gaines says:

    I’ve found myself commenting on the behavior of so many celebrities lately. While it frustrates me that many of them behave badly and are poor role models to our kids, I must first look at myself. I often behave poorly myself…no I don’t drink and drive or egg my neighbor’s house, but I do my fair share of things I am not proud of. Living life in the spotlight comes with some added responsibilities but is also a special burden, especially for young people. Let’s just pray and hope that he can turn his life around, and that I can better myself as well!

    • bride35 says:

      This is Leslie…I am completely on the same page. We have all done things that we hope no one else saw. The difference is that we have people in our lives who encourage us to look at the bad behavior. His dad is in his entourage blocking off streets so he can drag race. He needs a person. Thank God we have ours.

  5. saifali3014420@gmail.com' Saif Ali says:

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