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Older Lang Syne

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here!


Happy January 3! We are having a wonderful year so far. We hosted our family’s annual New Years Day family celebration ,which was always at my Granddaddy’s house until he passed away, and I ate things NOT on the clean eating plan I am starting. My Mommy went home yesterday. which is boo. And today we are all home looking at the pretty snow. See, good start. I wanted to share some observations I’ve made the last few days about New Years Eve and New Years Day and such.

7:30 fireworks are a good idea for little ones.

Watching your little one watching those fireworks was amazing.

I am glad that I chose flat boots to wear out because they are cute and comfortable, and these feet can’t do cute and hurtful.

Cute and hurtful is also a bad combination for spouses too. Glad mine is cute AND sweet.

Having your mom in town is good for your heart.

Having your mom in town is also good for babysitting when she takes your son back home so you and your husband can stay out.

When you get up at 5:30 a.m. with a toddler, naps are in order for you if you are expected to be standing up in public at midnight.

Leaving the house with a headache and taking an ibuprofen means you can’t drink for another four hours.

You know your husband is being gracious when he doesn’t mention you falling asleep at the table at 9:30 pm.

“Fake Flowers, Real Dirt”, is not only a cool name for a band, it’s a cool band.

At 42, when I see drunk girls falling on the dance floor and stumbling down steps, I don’t shake my head at you and scoff at you. I want you to know that drunk and stumbling is not a good time. And it embarrasses your friends. And it takes away from how cute you look. Moderation, ladies. Being able to remember the night before is sexy. Falling is not.

This is a good observation.

Chairs are a good thing. I like them.

Sometimes when you are at a restaurant that has dancing and drinking and music on the top 3 floors, it is okay to go to the restaurant part where it’s quiet at like 11pm so you can drink coffee. So you know you will be awake for the midnight buffet that was part of $15 ticket price.

I will walk up and down several flights of stairs looking for said buffet.

It is disappointing when the buffet was a small table of crab dip, chips, and bowls of macaroni and cheese.

More sad drunk people. I saw a guy do something unspeakable to a giant ceramic bird and I can never un-see it.

Elio’s forzen pizza and tater tots are a good thing to eat at 2 am with your mommy and your husband when you get home.

You realize you didn’t have any alcohol at all that night. Darn it. But I realize that this is okay!!

Having your son wake up at 8 am when you went to bed at 3 is a gift from Jesus, because he could have gotten up at 5. Again, thanks, Jesus.

Sometimes you have to take your son out in public when he is wearing Batman pajamas with feet in them to go pick up the chicken for the family thing.

I found out that my same-aged cousins weren’t coming, and I thought, “Wow, it will be mostly adults there.” Then I remembered that I was 42. This makes me feel safe, though, because although I am an adult, my family always makes me feel protected AND respected, and I am so blessed to have relatives in their 80’s still here. It makes my 60 year-old relatives feel young, too.

My grandmother “put her foot in” the sweet potato pie she made. This is a good thing.

Leftovers are wonderful and foil and Ziploc bags are your friends, so people can take stuff home.

My family is amazing, and watching them accept the friend I invited as one of their own confirms that they are pretty cool.

I feel steeped and grounded in love as this year starts. Looking forward to sharing it with all of you.


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