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No Easy Way To Say This

by SweetMidlife

Hi. This is Lynne. I have been trying to figure out how to tell you guys this, because you need to know, because we consider you friends, and also because you just should. Leslie’s husband Scott passed away on Wednesday. It was very sudden. We are shocked and sad.

I wish I could tell you that Scott and Leslie had just an okay marriage, and could take or leave each other, and only put up appearances. This would mean that she wasn’t going to hurt as much as she is in his absence. But I can’t. Because I have never seen a man look at his wife the way Scott Zervitz looked at my sister. It was like she was everything. And she felt that way about him, too. They laughed and loved and traveled and watched TV and ate crabs and loved some more. Their adoration for each other radiated to everyone around, and we were riding on the sweetest contact high ever. Being here at their house without him, but with all of his Ravens and Orioles memorabilia here, with pictures of them together, feels like being at Disney World without a guy in a mouse suit. Somethings missing. My brother-in-law had a huge presence which was apparent when he was here, so his absence is tangible.

Scott and Leslie


I ask that you pray for Leslie, and for the little boy who lives with them, and all of the rest of their family and friends. We are hurting, but getting through with God’s grace. We will be continuing to blog. It might be me for awhile until Leslie feels like writing, and when she does, she might write about random things like kumquats and obscure British bands from the ’80s, and that is okay.

Thanks for loving us, and for reading our stuff, and being our family. We need you right now.


29 Responses to “No Easy Way To Say This”

  1. queenieot@comcast.net' Terri Lemere says:

    This is so tragic. My heart is hurting for you and your family. I know that, although he was your brother-in-law, that you are hurting deeply as well. Being a twin means that when your twin is hurting, you are hurting almost just as much. Big hugs and prayers to all of you!
    Terri Lemere recently posted…Free Frederick, MD Activities This WeekendMy Profile

  2. allthingsfadra@gmail.com' Fadra says:

    Oh, I am so so sorry. There’s been so much personal tragedy lately and I’m so sorry it’s touched your family too. My deepest sympathies to you and your sister.
    Fadra recently posted…Field Trip Friday: Exploring the World without Ever Leaving Home with Camp Google and National GeographicMy Profile

  3. So sorry. Much prayer!
    GinaB @ Mirror Watching recently posted…I’m So Tired Of Counting Calories!My Profile

  4. angiehaube@gmail.com' Angie says:

    I’m still shocked and saddened. But I’m going to also say that I’m also encouraged to see the impact of many prayers on your spirit, and I hope your sister’s as well. There is no way to get over losing a piece of your heart. The greater the love, the greater the loss. I’m hopeful that the prayers of those who love you, and the love of God Himself, will be your buoy, keeping you afloat while you learn to swim in these new waters. I love you, my friend. Be well.
    Angie recently posted…I See You…My Profile

  5. cschmidt23@aol.com' Carol schmidt says:

    prayers for comfort and understanding. I loved reading about their love story and my heart sank when I heard about this terrible loss. May the love of family, friends and fans help you during this time

  6. Hugs to all of you!
    Emma @ Muddy Boots and Diamonds recently posted…Books We Read #2My Profile

  7. ybdbridal@gmail.com' merrie d says:

    sending thoughts and prayers.

  8. caronism@gmail.com' Caron says:

    Our hearts are with you. #CITY4EVER We love you.

  9. Joychasing@yahoo.com' Chasing Joy says:

    I’m very sorry to read this. My prayers for the family.
    Chasing Joy recently posted…How Many IUIs Does it Take to Make A Baby?My Profile

  10. Corinne_Heiliger@hotmail.com' Corinne Heiliger says:

    I am so so sorry. I’ve had a year of tragic grief so my heart is so close to the emotions that come with sudden losses…my empathy for you all is huge. I will pray and cry out on your behalf as you process and grieve. Grief is the painful cost of love, never apologize for it and take all the time in the world to be in it. But as I’m just starting to learn, it really does Change and become more bearable. Love and hugs to you both.

  11. ddallas1969@hotmail.com' Donna Dallas says:

    Oh my gosh….this takes my breath away! I am beyond sad to hear this and it makes my heart ache for you. Please know everyone will be in my thoughts and prayers and close to my heart. I have no words.

  12. kcbstudios@aol.com' Kendra Blackstone-Mccutheon says:

    My heart goes out to you Leslie and Lynn and your families. Much love to you.

  13. I am so sorry for your whole family. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…Just Go to Sleep, Stupid!My Profile

  14. karenwweiss@gmail.com' Karen Weiss says:

    tragic, and magical. truer words were never spoken and I have never seen anything like the beautiful radiant love between Scott and Leslie. A huge missing, and a huge gift his life was for all of us. Love to all who are grieving, and celebrating Scotty Z.

  15. much love to you leslie and lynne. praying for your family tonight. xoxoxo!
    catherine gacad recently posted…How to Get to and from Alameda and San FranciscoMy Profile

  16. I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. I can’t even imagine. Take care and love you both.
    Moni Barrette recently posted…That Time We Flunked a WeddingMy Profile

  17. Goddessdawn@gmail.com' Dawn says:

    I have no words other than how wonderful it is that you strong, beautiful ladies have each other. Thank you for sharing your grace and strength with us. I’m sending you all a ton of love and hope that easier times come sooner rather than later.
    Dawn recently posted…All I ever wantedMy Profile

  18. mrs.aok05@gmail.com' Mrs. AOK says:

    Sending all the love! Please know I’m thinking of the two of you.
    Mrs. AOK recently posted…That’s What She Said: Odd Man OutMy Profile

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