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My hat goes off to: The nice lady who almost sideswiped me today

by SweetMidlife

Leslie here!

I do my share of griping about human frailties and failings in this blog (and in my job as a newspaper columnist), so I admit to mentally writing a headline the first five seconds after I steadied my car after a black minivan swerved into my lane on my way home from the gym this morning.

I am not the world’s best driver – ask my bridesmaids, who included that detail at my bridal shower/bachelorette/Dean Martin Roast – so when the vehicle suddenly jerked toward me, I immediately thought “Did I do something wrong?” But even a driver of suspect skills like myself can tell if I’m the only car in my lane, and I was. So as I took a deep breath and kept driving, I noticed that the minivan had slowed down and then switched into my lane.

Now, I don’t know where you are from, but I am from Baltimore. I learned to drive mostly in Miami, and honed this skills for more than another decade elsewhere in South Florida. None of these places are known for the courtesy and proficiency of their drivers, or for their…ummm….picket fence innocence and safety. Most of the time, even drivers who are in the absolute wrong still seemed justified to curse out the people they almost hit, because who asked your car to be in that lane? Jerk!

So when I saw the minivan not only suddenly next to me, but slowing down with the window down, my first reaction was to duck. Again, Baltimore Miami. But a half-a-second later, I saw the driver lean over to the window….

….and make a genuine-looking “I’m so sorry” face with her hand on her heart in contrition. I was stunned. She was wrong. And she admitted it. And made a point to tell me.

“She must not be from here,” a friend said, later, and while that might be true, I’d like to think that there live among us nice people who make mistakes but also admit to them. She drove away, and as I passed her once more I waved.

This will not be the last time I get almost-sideswiped. But I hope it’s not the last someone apologizes.


2 Responses to “My hat goes off to: The nice lady who almost sideswiped me today”

  1. tangodiva@bellsouth.net' Tanya says:

    She is DEFINITELY not from here! I am glad you had a decent experience, as we all need them and put them away and treasure them when humanity just gets to be too much to bear. But I am reminded of driving home from work this year when there was a really bad accident (overturned and crushed minivan) near PB Lakes, and we all had to shift into the left lane. Everyone was being courteous and doing the you go – then I go – then the next car goes thing, until it was my turn and the woman next to me both blocked me from changing lanes, and then openly LAUGHED and pointed at me. And she was wearing scrubs, so I hope whatever hospital or doctor I may go to in this life, it’s not hers! Welcome to SoFla!

  2. bride35 says:

    Tanya…Oh DEAR. I don’t wish for people to get into horrible car accidents or for dragons to eat them or whatever. But what an awful person.

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