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Moving house: Or why I hope to never have to leave my new house

by SweetMidlife
Our new living room, mid-box.

Our new living room, mid-box.

To review: Last summer, I (being Leslie) unexpectedly started a new chapter of my life when my lovey-dove Scott passed away unexpectedly. Obviously, that was a world-rocker, but that world refused to stop spinning so I had to start rolling with changes, mostly just continuing to live the life I already had but without my Scotty. Which sucks because it took so long for me to find a good guy in a grab bag of losers, and I only got to keep him 6 1/2 years. That was a lot of work. I’m exhausted.

Meanwhile, there was one change he and I had already planned, which was to leave our lovely South Florida rental home, where we moved in 2013, sometime in the first part of this year. The landlords were looking to sell it and we decided, as much as we loved it, not to buy it because we wanted an extra bathroom. So we’d started just doing random searches – I wanted to stay in the little town we lived in and Scott wanted to move across the canal into West Palm Beach, for school district and prettiness purposes. After he died, and my mom the queen of the universe, moved in with me and the little one I live with, she and I started tentatively looking close by, to check out prices and different areas, but weren’t set on a date…

…Until our landlords decided to sell our house, like, immediately, and at the beginning of February we found ourselves on a ticking moving clock with 30 days and a suddenly short supply of available homes anywhere we wanted to be. Of course. We looked out of our target area, even, and then made an offer on a nice house in the right neighborhood that we didn’t love, but that was better than living in a van down by the river. We had hoped to find a miracle, but were willing just not to be homeless.

“Do houses just show up at the last minute?” we asked our realtor, who shook his head about 24 hours before calling us to say that a lovely place around the corner from he and his family had a brand new “For Rent” sign on the front lawn. Miracles, anyone? The moment we walked in that afternoon, we were in love – high wooden ceilings, a Florida room that’s all windows, and an over-sized master suite for me. Although I did offer it to my mother, of course.

“doyoumaybewannatakethebigroomiwillsleepouttherenexttotheboydontyouworryaboutit” I said, hoping she would pick up on “My goodness I want that room.” She did. I am so glad she did because I super wanted that room.

And now I’m in it, surrounded by more boxes and stuff than I knew I had. The move was a monster nightmare and I am never doing it again.

But I am so happy. I feel weird about not being in this house with Scott, and I would be lying if I didn’t feel a little guilty to know that I am in a much nicer house and that my life and the Kid’s are going on without him. But he would want me to. We can’t live in a van, we couldn’t live in the old house, and we, again, would not fit in a van. It is normal to miss him and wonder what he’d have thought of the place, which is in the school district he wanted and is probably the result of some heavenly maneuvering (OK SCOTT YOU WON.) But it is also normal for happy things to make you happy, and this new place is happy. We are happy. We are not quite complete. But we are happy.

And I hope we can one day buy this house and live here forever because I hate moving and am never doing it again.

13 Responses to “Moving house: Or why I hope to never have to leave my new house”

  1. Nlewis411@gmail.com' Best Friend Nikki says:

    I love you. The house looks beautiful. And you KNOW Scott pulled some strings up there! He would love that you’re living there with Mommy and boy child. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. ajyeargin@yahoo.com' Adia says:

    I love this post and I love hearing about your new beginnings and I love the heavenly shout out and I love you.

  3. jaime.joshi@gmail.com' Jaime says:

    The house is lovely and I hope you and The Kid make lots of wonderful memories together there.

    The kind that involve pancakes on a Sunday morning, dancing to Stevie Wonder on a Tuesday night and just feeling at peace.
    Jaime recently posted…Modern RomanceMy Profile

  4. Glad you found “just the right house”..it makes all the difference….
    Renee Stambaugh recently posted…My Dad, A Man of Few Words..My Profile

  5. pamsuesings4u@gmail.com' Pamela says:

    I love the way you and your sister have a way of sharing that allows us in to smile, laugh, cry, laugh a little more and then end with a smile.

  6. maria_blake@comcast.net' Maria says:

    I’m so happy for you all <3 The house looks lovely, and I'm sure the little boy will love it. Your momma is the best! Sending you lots of love babe!

    However, I have serious reservations about the odd stuffed animal in the corner LOL

  7. offthepotomac@gmail.com' Teems says:

    It looks gorgeous! Cheers to new beginnings. RIP to Scott who is probably smiling right now.
    Teems recently posted…A Few Truths About Owning A HomeMy Profile

  8. Shoopp11@aol.com' Shallie says:

    So exciting! You guys have the best home team! It’s just the greatest!!! Scott must be so proud of all of you guys! #findingnewways. Your mom is just a fantastic person and you are amazing lucky to have her on the home team! Wonderful job you all!!! Love, enjoy the new digs!!!

  9. palmbeachpr@yahoo.com' Elizabeth says:

    I got as far as living in a van down by the river, started laughing hysterically and had to start over. In this market, you know there was intervention from above. So happy you found your possible forever home. It looks beautiful

  10. Moving is the worst and I hope you never have to do it again, either! Your place looks beautiful, I’m drooling over the pretty floors. Sounds like you’re doing exactly what Scott wants you to do, keep on moving (not literally, but figuratively) although you won’t ever forget him!
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…Everyone Deserves a Thank-You for Doing the LaundryMy Profile

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