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Mostly Sunny

by SweetMidlife

Hi! Lynne here!


My husband, son and I just got home from a few days with my sister’s family in West Palm Beach, Florida. We went down for Sunfest, an annual music festival right on the water. I used to go almost every year, but hadn’t been since my son was born a few years ago. I was so excited to introduce my people to an event that I had many wonderful memories of. Memories of good music, and good food, and well, sun.


We were supposed to go on Saturday and Sunday, the last 2 days of the festival, and had been hearing that the weather might not be cooperating. I downloaded The Weather Channel app on my phone, and it became my new best friend. And on Saturday, by the time we got ready to make our way down to the grounds, it started raining. And it lightened up, but by that time we had to get our kid read for bed, so we just went to Cracker Barrel. Now, things looked better for Sunday, according to my friend TWC app (we were best friends now, so I could use its nickname). TWC said that it would be clear, and partly cloudy. It even had a picture of a little sin with clouds peeking out from behind. Partly cloudy is better than mostly rainy, so I thought, you know, that’s doable. But the Look Out of the Window app (which is where you open the curtains and look out of the window) told a different story. Because it was a glorious, gorgeous sunny day. The clouds weren’t nasty ones, but the cottony ones that just add to the beautiful blue. I don’t think that I would have even noticed them if the TWC app had’t told me that they were there. I rechecked my phone. Now TWC app was saying that the day was “Fair”. Like “not spectacular”. Benign. But it was anything but. It was beautiful.

And I thought about how often we let those things in the background literally cloud our view on what is really an amazing thing. When people ask us how we are doing, we start with the not-so-wonderful instead of leading with the sunshine and THEN mentioning the clouds, if that is even necessary. We sometimes even let other people dictate the state of our situation for us. But guess what? Some clouds only become visible when you think about them. Otherwise, you can just ignore them, or swirl them into the background to make the prettiest shade of blue imaginable. Go with the good stuff. Lead with the sun. Much more enjoyable.

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  1. That’s a great epiphany. Who would have thunk TWC could be so thought inspiring! Lol

    Stopping by from sits

  2. maria_blake@comcast.net' Bestie Maria says:

    You make me smile. I loved this <3 Thanks for the reminder!

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