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We’re twin sisters, both married the year they turned 39 and both now raising little ones (Lynne in MD and Leslie in FL), who believe that just because you are over 35, it doesn’t mean you don’t have stuff to say. And not in a washed-up kind of way. In a “we are still lively, still fun, and ever relevant” kind of way. We want you to see all parts your relationships and cares reflected on the internet, be that with a significant other, with your family, or with yourself. Rock on!!

Give us a holla at SweetMidlifeLynneLeslie@gmail.com

6 Responses to “About Lynne and Leslie”

  1. michelle.y@signazon.com' Michelle says:

    Hi Lynne and Leslie!

    My name is Michelle, I work for Signazon.com and I recently came across your blog, sweetmidlife.com. I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your site’s theme and to see if you might be open to partnering with Signazon on a post for your site.

    Specifically, I am wondering if you would be interested reviewing one of our products, hosting a giveaway, or working with us in another way that works best for you. Please let me know if you are interested and we can work out all the details then. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    Thank you,

  2. Stephanie.lewis@watercoolercasting.com' Stephanie Lewis says:

    Hi Lynne and Leslie!

    Wonderful website. I’m so glad I came across it.

    I’m actually a casting director working on a show about couples over 35 who haven’t yet gone “all the way.” I saw a post a while back that another casting company was doing a similar show, but I wondered if you’d be kind enough to run the casting on your site for me, or even spread the word through your social circles.

    I’d be happy to hop on the phone to answer any questions or concerns you may have. The show is going to be wonderful and I’m excited to find some awesome couples!

    Here’s the casting announcement:
    My name is Stephanie Lewis and I’m a casting director in NYC. I wanted to reach out because we are working with a major cable network on a new series about committed couples ages 35 and over who have yet to consummate their relationships.

    Each couple will have the opportunity to go on a weekend-long intimacy retreat with world renowned Christian relationship experts as they work together on their journeys. Whether you have chosen abstinence for spiritual, medical, or emotional reasons, we will work with two committed people who are interested in taking the next steps in their relationship. The goal of this retreat and the ultimate series is to build a strong foundation as each couple embarks on a new and exciting chapter. If you would like the chance to work with the best sexual therapists in the country to enhance your emotional and physical life with your partner, this opportunity is for you.

    For more information and to talk to a casting director, please email RelationshipRetreatCasting@gmail.com.

  3. Lynne and Leslie,
    This is such a beautiful site! I love what you guys are doing. And I love the idea of sisters writing together.

    • SweetMidlife says:

      Kristi, your message comes on a day when I was feeling very frustrated about why we didn’t have more of an audience for our page, and was wondering why we do it. And this reminded me. Thank you :).

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