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Letters, oh we got letters! Well, not YET……

by SweetMidlife

Besides looking for reasons to repost pictures of our own weddings, we, when we started this blog, wanted to become a resource for brides, not only for beauty and dress ideas, but also to discuss the challenges that one might encounter when planning a wedding. We know you have questions, and we wanna help! It could be how to handle pushy family, or how to wear your hair, or if having a Bon Jovi look-alike sing “Living On a Prayer” as you walk down the aisle is tacky.

Doesn’t matter!! Ask away!!

We would LOVE for you peeps to…

1) Pass along your questions, issues and rants to us
2) We will answer them our own goofy selves, or we will give them to one of our wedding experts to answer and weigh in on
3) We will post the question and the answer!!

You can be as anonymous as ya want, or you can send us pictures and stuff! Put it out there! We just wanna help, and we know that there have to be other folks going through the same stuff as you.
Send your questions to us at bride35@gmail.com

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