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Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Bike. Or Yoga Mat. Or Whatever.

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here.


I like to workout. I am not always successful at keeping it up, because sitting on the couch and watching TV whilst eating snack-type foods is an appealing activity. So I find that I am most likely to stay consistent in my working out when I belong to a gym, because then it is costing me something to just sit on the couch with said cookies instead of using my membership.  Also, my favorite part about the gym is classes, because I like the group experience, and if there is something scheduled that I can be at, I am more likely to go.  It’s fun being a part of a bunch of people with the same goals and whatnot. Classes are challenging, though, and there are some that I do better at than others.  And that’s okay now.  It didn’t use to be, though. Sometimes, my eyes would wander, and I would look at the other class-goers and compare what I was doing to what they were doing.  And that’s fine if I am looking to see if my form is the same as other people, since in some classes, having the wrong form can cause injuries. No, I am talking about comparing my actions to others to see if I was doing it as well, or if I was doing it better.  I would get insecure if everyone else in the class could do all of the reps, and I could only do some, and I could feel myself looking for people who were doing “worse” than me.  This made me feel better, strangely, but then it made me feel guilty, and then it made me feel like I was missing out on the workout. Which was what was happening. Then last year I was in a spinning class, and as the instructor was telling us to stand up, or sit down, I saw an older woman who just sat, never getting up when the class was.  At first I thought, “She needs to be doing what the class is doing”, but then I looked at her face, and she didn’t look like she was lacking, or trying to keep up with anybody else. She look satisfied. Like she was getting the workout she wanted. And she didn’t care what anyone else thought abut that. Oh.

So, I remember that now when I take classes and can’t do what everyone else is.  I’m not saying that I shouldn’t challenge myself, or that I shouldn’t eventually try to do the ab exercises on my toes and not on my knees.  But I can work up to that.  What’s most important is that I do what works best for me, and when I master that, I will get better. And feel better.  When you focus on your own stuff, your own stuff gets better, and stuff is more fun.  Mind your own stuff.

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  1. tate_franz@comcast.net' Thaeda says:

    “Mind your own stuff”. Wise words, my friend!

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