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Keep That Niceness Going

by SweetMidlife

Seasons Greetings!


Lynne here.

On Christmas Day, after our family breakfast at IHOP, while our toddler was napping, I went to the 7-11 down the street to get a Redbox movie. Wait, it just hit me that I have referenced 3 brand names in 1 sentence. If you patronize these establishments because you saw their names here, I should get some sort of endorsement fee. Okay, anyway, back to Christmas. I went into the 7-11 after I got the movie to get some snacks, and two guys who had just left came back to hold the door open for me. And everyone in line was smiley, and the little kids getting Slim Jims were grinning like they were holding new toys. The cashier was so gracious. More people held the door on the way out, and everyone was saying “Merry Christmas”. It was a Yuletide miracle! Everyone was basking in the glow of that day, and that glow translated into smiles and niceness. When I got home, I posted on Facebook how wonderful everyone was, and several people sighed that this would change when Christmas was over, and that it would be another 364 days before people were that nice again.

Does that HAVE to be true? NO!

So, I am encouraging you, and myself, to look for ways over the next few days that you can be kind to strangers. It doesn’t have to be anything grand. Let’s start with smiling. Could you, over the weekend, deliberately smile or say hi to at least one person in your daily travels? If you have to practice it at home in the mirror, do it, so you won’t look creepy. But once you have it, go use it! Smile at the grocery clerk! Smile at the gas station dude! Ramp it up and say hi. And see how people react. Nice doesn’t have to just be for Christmas. Christmas Day should be a reminder of how we should act ALL year. So just try this weekend. Let me know if you do it, and what happens.


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