with Lynne and Leslie

It’s been one week since you looked at us, turned your heads to the side and said, "They’re Crazy!"….

by SweetMidlife

…BUT you like it!  Maybe you thought, “They, like me, are over the age of 35 (or thereabouts) and they talk about weddings and stuff and I like that kind of thing but I haven’t really seen myself reflected in magazines or dress shops or blogs or TV shows or such.” Yes, it seems like in the week since we (Leslie and Lynne) started “A Bride at 35”, we’ve hit on something. And that’s that you never get too old to want to be loved and to celebrate it, whether:
You are planning your wedding now;
Or you just got married and are still obsessed with weddings;
Or if you aren’t dating anybody but want to be married one day and want to hear that you don’t have to give up on that desire just because you are closer to 45 than 25;
Or you just like reading this blog.

We just want to give you a voice. And give some hope. Or make you smile. It’s all good.

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We are having a freaking blast hearing your stories (both brides AND grooms) and seeing your beautiful pics, and we hope you keep it up, because, well, it’s been a good week. And we forsee more.

So, as our one week gift to you, we give you “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies, because it’s always a good time to hear that song.

You’re welcome!! See ya tomorrow.

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