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Is incontinence the new sexy? Lisa Rinna says yes

by SweetMidlife


I watched the new Depends commercial featuring soap star/colleague disser Lisa Rinna and long-suffering patient husband Harry Hamlin being approached on the red carpet to model incontinence underwear, and I still don’t know how to feel about it. Well, that’s not entirely true. I feel incredibly uncomfortable, and a little embarrassed, and also a little admiring of the guts it takes to do an incontinence underwear commercial while still appearing as hot on “Days of Our Lives.’

And old. I feel old. Because even though Lisa Rinna is older than me, the idea that anyone whose age begins with the same one mine does is the target audience for Depends makes me sad.

Here’s what happens – Lisa and Harry are walking down a red carpet, and some Depends guy with a microphone asks if she’ll try Silhouette for Women, the new line of undergarments, which are supposed to be so comfortable and form-fitting that she can fit them under her tight Herve Leger gown. She says sure, hands Hamlin her handbag, and then comes back wearing the Depends.

I like that the company is apparently targeting Baby Boomers and those just younger – Rinna is 48. And I like that they’re being bold in saying – you’re still hot. You still go out and want to look good. You might be incontinent. Nobody has to know.

Then again…the Depends guy in commercial says “Hey Lisa Rinna! I know you’re not incontinent, but try our pads!” I love that in the interviews for the product, Rinna goes on and on about how it’s OK to have that problem, but there is no way she will ever let anyone think she has it. Because she doesn’t! Nosiree! And how does the Depends guy know anything about Lisa Rinna’s bladder control? It smacks of “Buy this product, but protect my ego.” I have new-found respect for Bob Dole, who made those Viagra commercials and said “I’m old and sexy, y’all! I still have sex with my wife, and sometimes need help to do that! Respect, bisnatches!” Good for him and Liddy.

Maybe Lisa Rinna’s not incontinent (and I never thought that I would ever ponder the state of her bladder for several sentences, or at all ever) but there was something so obvious about that little aside from the Depends guy with the microphone, that says “You might need the product, but I never would. But I’ll take their check.” Are there any hot ladies in Hollywood willing to admit to their bladder issues while taking the check?

And Harry Hamlin…God love you.

8 Responses to “Is incontinence the new sexy? Lisa Rinna says yes”

  1. tee.indapocket@gmail.com' Tyrone Ligon says:

    I told my kids I would start wearing Depends when they move out and get their own places. Then I’d visit, sit on the couch, watch TV for 8 hours straight, and never get up…and every 2 or 3 hours I’d have a contented smile on my face.

    My son said he’s covering his sofa in plastic.

    Embrace your loose bladder…and encase it too.

    • b.glietret@yahoo.tv' Jayda says:

      I have always been Lisa’s fan since her days on DOOL. Lisa you are very buuteifal but I think this is a much better softer look for you. I love you no matter how you look because your personality rocks!

  2. yourideallife@gmail.com' figleafbetty says:

    I think it’s great – she’s doing it for a charity that encourages women to find their beauty and confidence! It’s her cause… But I always love reading your hilarious opinions… 🙂

    • e.ceclepuy@hotmail.tv' Loleit says:

      To Ms. Lisa Rinna: You have been and will always be a goerogus, drop dead hot body gal (my age)! I am not a star, could neva’ compare! However, even tho you feel you have corrected your lips, IT HAS NOT happened! After your procedure, you still have that trout lip, very unbecoming of your beauty. I wish all of you beautiful movie/tv folk would leave well enough alone! Go back, get back to the real Lisa . Take a look at your BEFORE face (any garbage changing stuff)..your lip is scooped up and looks just as unnatural as your impregnanted lips for years. I hope and pray you will be real! You and hubby have love (as hubby & I after 21 years) and beauty naturally..your lip(s) are still goofyass looking!

  3. lesliegraystreeter@gmail.com' Leslie says:

    I am glad she is doing it for charity. Good for her!

  4. latebloomerbride@gmail.com' Suzanne says:

    Man, she’s gutsy. But, I agree with you that her husband is a saint.

  5. bride35 says:

    Kelly, this is Lynne. I am very pregnant at almost 41, and I am amazed at the previously-unrelated bodily functions that cause me to pee. Yeah, I said it. I feel at one with your post. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. evedemian@verizon.net' Eve says:

    This write-up by Lynne, was hilarious!

    Kelly, some of us *don’t* “make wind” (but we do burp) or have to depilate or exfoliate excessively, even in our *fifties* – – and I think it’s time you gave yourself permission to use the ‘H’ word. Go ahead, Kelly – – say it – – it’ll make you feel good – – “HELL! Now you might even work your way to some interesting four-letter words for what’s leaking!

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