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If You Could Only See

by SweetMidlife

Happy New Year! Lynne here.

I woke up this January 1 a few hours before I actually got up, because NOT READY, but I scrolled Facebook and Twitter, and did this Bible study/devotional thing that I am a part of, and let our 2nd-grader into our room and we all snuggled for a bit, then he left, and then, ready to get up, I looked over at my sleeping husband and thought, “He’s really cute. I love him. I would love to take his picture and post it so that people would see what I see”. But I know that he would not be happy about that (even though some partners are, and if yours is, rock on). So I did not.

And that led me to thinking about social media and such, and my desire to share things with my peeps, be it my random thoughts, or something I saw on that platform that I thought was funny or could lift people up, and I thought about how cool it is that we have this way to reach people that we don’t see all of the time, or don’t really know, and how we get to share our humanity with them.

But then I thought about how sometimes my need to share turns into a need to be validated, almost as if that dinner or experience didn’t happen if no one else but me saw it and said it was good. And that then makes these things like a performance, instead of a chronicle. And then I started thinking of that Tonic song, “If You Could Only See”, where the singer says that they wished that other people could see how their girlfriend loves them, so that other people could understand why the singer feels how he does about her. Which is nice. BUT, and this is where I am landing…

…as much as we want to shout from the rooftops about the thing we are doing or the person we love, that love, or that experience, doesn’t become less real because other people aren’t witnesses to it. Or approve when they do see it.

This year, I want to spend more time experiencing the life I have, and sharing it if I want to, but not to the point that the experience becomes just having something TO share. I want to keep some stuff. So, no shame if you want to show everyone everything, and no shame if you don’t. I just want you to know that sometimes it’s okay if YOU are the only one who sees.

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